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Baby’s shower idea

hi everyone - hope everyone’s feeling well. I am due on May 9 and my baby shower discussions have started! We usually do it in the 7th month. I was hoping to get some ideas! We travel a lot so I’m thinking to have a travel themed party - everything I’m seeing online is vintage or planes. Was hoping to get help with ideas- what other aspects of travel/ vacation can I incorporate and how?  Thanks in advance!  

- Angel 

Re: Baby’s shower idea

  • There's also already a baby shower thread. 
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  • Are your hostessing your own?
  • We literally have a thread for this.

  • And obviously, serve bagged peanuts.
  • You ladies are hilarious hahah

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  • Haha! These are great!


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  • This made my whole day. 
  • Lol thanks guys! See though all these ideas point towards a flying  themed party- that’s the hard part - we don’t want to do everything flying perspective. How do I incorporate the places we have been?

  • Also apologies for duplicating this question on the baby shower thread! Still learning how to use the app! Appreciate the patience. 
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    Sowiee! I though I did when I first signed up! Pregnancy brain at its finest! 
  • Oh lord, I'm gone for a few days, and I miss all the fun.  Your responses were so good, ladies.  Love it!!!  

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