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  • @Whitmore1027 She has a 30 days of Yoga series on there that is really great if you are just starting out. I am planning to do it again in February since I haven't worked out in a couple months. 
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  • @zamora_spin I absolutely agree with what you're saying but at the same time I have to disagree a little. While BBT is cheap and an AMAZING tool to help you figure out your cycle and OPKs are genius because they can help with pinpointing O and ensure correct timing - I also understand the desire to not invest in everything too early. These tools may take away stress for some and add stress for others. 
    I have friends who's H's had performance anxiety when they knew their wives were doing these things. I know people who just want to try on their own first. 
    I also know others who have been trying at a completely wrong time  for months and learned once they started BBT. 
    For me, I use OPK's because I happened to have some But H and I agree on nothing else until after 3 months of trying. Until then we try to be more relaxed about it.
    And some other ladies who have been BBT / OPKs for MONTHS have taken months off from the stress of it all and have seen their BFP when they stop.
    I agree the financial investment is minimal and if you want to do ANYTHING to get the BFP then just make the investment- but it's not always about the time or money investment when they decide not to do one of the above mentioned. 
    And none of this is to take away from those IF ladies who deserve that BFP and are doing whatever it takes - but that is a choice some people choose not to make right away. 
  • @zamora_spin TW? Previous pregnancy...We originally started trying to get pregnant back in June 2014. After a year and some months of not getting pregnant (some of that was just NTNP, then the rest was actually trying), we both got checked out for fertility problems. I looked fine. They checked my tubes with that ink to make sure there was no blockage (it's been so long I don't know the medical terms). Husband had low-sperm count though. So we decided to try to make some lifestyle changes and just wing it for a few months then we would talk about alternative treatment like meds for hubby. Well, we ended up pregnant 2 months later (that was November 2015) and we now have a son (Born August 2016). We recently decided to try for another baby, so we don't know how long the journey will be. Figured we could try for 6 months or a year and if no luck, check out our next options. Which I think there are fertility meds DH can go on.
    End TW

    I know it shows I am on cycle 1 month 1, but this isn't our first go around trying to conceive, so we really don't know what to expect. And even though it's not "me" that has the "problem it's still heartbreaking for me because no matter what, we still have the possibility of not getting pregnant for a long time.
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  • kristah2kristah2
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    kristah2 said:

    And some other ladies who have been BBT / OPKs for MONTHS have taken months off from the stress of it all and have seen their BFP when they stop.

    Yes, just relaxing is probably the most effective cure for IF. I don't know why people don't suggest that more.
    I’m definitely not saying that it is the cure to IF! I’m just saying that sometimes it doesn’t matter if we’re temping or taking OPKs. And it’s not always best for  everyone should jump all in with OPKs and bbt from the start. And sometimes people needs to take a mental month off from those things. 
    From someone who suffers with anxiety often bbt increases my stress level which is definitely not good for TTC. BUT if I have to I will. I’m just not ready yet. 

    ETA: I would also NEVER give anyone that advice as lord knows it’s not that simple. 
    Double ETA: sorry if you took it that way. 
  • This made me laugh so hard, the one time I temped and shared it with the group this was my chart back in Sep (in spoiler) followed by @offtoneverland response I about die laughing looking back at it. I cant believe I found it.

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  • I think it's hard not to feel bitter if you've dealt with IF and/or loss, especially RPL.  There's a good reason that there's a separate thread for IF and TTCAL, and that a lot of those people don't participate in the daily threads.  Unfortunately, we can't always escape it in real life.  One of the conversations happening next to me at work today included a girl complaining about how she was "fertile as fuck".  I don't think @zamora_spin was trying to make anyone feel bad, but I do think it's good to have some perspective sometimes.  
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  • @galactickates well said. I actually am always excited when @zamora_spon replies. 

    You are full of knowledge and can't wait for the day we all graduate from here. The TTAL ladies have a special place in my heart ❤️ really, even though it's hard sometimes for me to keep up with post, but I am always LURKING. 
  • @zamora_spin just wanted to clarify I have been one of the lucky ones to not have any IF struggles (at this time) and I won’t leave you thinking I have as that is definitely not fair to those who do struggle. I have more mental health struggles that I need to watch while TTC. 
    You are incredibly strong and I agree with others you are an absolutely asset on this board and while I haven’t experienced half of what you (and these other strong ladies) and I can’t understand what you’re going through. I really do wish the best and keep you all in my thoughts ALL the time. 
  • @chopchop25 I just want to say I love everything you said and I totally agree. <3 <3 <3

    You guys are so great and sweet and supportive even through your own pains. It's super inspiring!

    AND I LOVE THAT PHOTO! I laughed for 5 minutes!

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    Met: 2005 | Started Dating: 2009 | Married: 2013

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  • Let's all just admit that TTC sucks big time. I think it's hard for us "bitter old TTC hags" to remember that even on your first or second month of TTC it's really stressful too. And it's hard to curb the jealousy surrounding the people who graduate from TTGP so easily, even without temping and using OPKs and getting acupuncture and drinking pom juice and taking ALL THE SUPPLEMENTS. And inevitably lots of you newer people will be graduating soon, which is fantastic, but still hard for some of us to understand. 
    @acciocoffee I love Yoga with Adriene! I've done it twice this week and it's making me feel really strong already. Sometimes she is kind of a weirdo though, but you gotta love weirdos. Also I love your angry HP gif. Totally true.
    @kristah2 I agree about cruises. I would stay on the ship the entire time if I could. They're so much bigger than you realize!
    @eleven_ Just a few more days left in this month, friend. You can pull through. PM me if you need to talk or vent.  <3 I hope you're doing okay.
    @zamora_spin The gif of your TTC life is so true. I feel that way too.
    @galactickates I LOVE that you found my post from way back when. I remember that. Hahaha!
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