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April 2018 Birth Announcements

I figured I could get this added so we could get it sticky to the top.  This is in no way saying anyone has given birth yet in April 2018 board but since we are getting closer I thought it would be good to get it posted.  Let's hope these LO's stay cooking as long as possible. 
Stolen from another BMB. Post your announcements here! PLEASE do not comment here unless it's an announcement, LOVE-ITs are a great way to say congrats without clogging up this post. 


***Please do not comment on this thread unless it is your birth announcement***


Use this thread to share baby's name, birth date, birth stats, pictures, and etc. 
Please share your birth story as a separate thread if you are comfortable doing so!

**Please try to use spoiler boxes on pictures!**

"Love Its" are welcome and appreciated on this thread, but please refrain from commenting with anything other than your story and baby's/babies' details

***Keep in mind there is a 30-day limit on editing anything you post, and pictures cannot be deleted at this time. Any photos and/or information posted becomes proprietary to The Bump, granting the XO Corporation rights to use this in any way they choose (see https://www.thebump.com/terms.html).***

@BumpAdmin @bumptara @BumpCaitlin ; sticky please


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Re: April 2018 Birth Announcements

  • @BumpAdmin @bumptara @BumpCaitlin can we get a sticky please on this


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  • Love this!!! Thank you @Dumbgurl04
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  • looeezelooeeze member
    edited February 2018
    @Apthor02 Congrats! Glad to hear you're both doing well.

    ETA oops sorry for the non-announcement comment :) 
  • @Apthor02 congrats. Congrats. So gorgeous. Appears both of you are doing great. Been thinking about you.
  • Congrats!! Glad you are both doing well! Welcome to the world Gwendolyn!! Happy Birthday! 
  • Congrats!!!!
  • Omg congrats!!! 
  • @knuttyplus2 glad to hear they are breathing in their own. I hope their NICU stay is short and that you get some major baby cuddles soon. 
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  • bebewellerbebeweller member
    edited April 2018
  • my sweet sweet son was born april 24 th weight is 7.8 height 20.5
  • I'm way late posting, but here he is. 
    On April 24th, one day after his due date @ 10:55am after 26 hours labor, Elias JC joined our world weighing in at 6lbs 13oz, 18.5 inches. 
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