Birth Mothers

thought I'd put up a sort of discussion place for birth mothers- ie. Mothers considering giving thier baby up for adoption. This is a safe place for women who have questions on adoption, need advice, need emotional support from other mommies who have given their children up for adoption, etc... 

For starters, I am a birth mother. I am going to be naming my beautiful baby girl Elisabeth Renee❤️ I've already chosen my adoptive family and am very close with them. I still have not delivered but am expecting baby to arrive Feb 28 2018!!! Very exciting! I will tell more of my story if people are interested but I just thought I'd at least introduce myself. 

If if you're having any thoughts of abortion, or are in a pregnancy crisis or are all alone know that YOU ARENT❤️❤️❤️ I'm here for you, and would love to talk to you. 
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