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I'm back ladies!

Hi all, I just wanted to say sorry for my absence lately. It has been a crazy couple of weeks and it felt daunting to come back when I couldn't really keep up with the Bump and everyone as well as family stuff. The holidays were just really crazy and since New Year's Eve, my son has had both the flu and pneumonia, I had a sinus infection (while my kiddo had the flu) and DH got just a cold in between DS having the flu and pneumonia. The DH got a promotion at work last week but that meant he was gone a few extra days during the week with a new rotation and going in early to talk to his captain about his new responsibilities (he's a corrections officer-well now sergeant!) I planned on catching up with everyone over the weekend but landed myself in the hospital with a raging case of appendicitis and had to have surgery to remove the appendix Saturday. In between all the illness I was just trying to stay afloat with work and household chores and trying to keep some sanity with some unplugged time and actually not really taking to anyone much, family or friends. It was just a lot of stress for me and I needed to just find ways to stay sane and I was trying to stay healthy. But we should all hopefully be okay now other than my recovery. I'm doing alright just moving at turtle speed, and baby BOY is doing great too. I will do my best to try and catch up on threads and get back with everyone as I'm doing a lot of sitting around right now. I'm sorry if I missed any big moments for anyone and hope everyone here is doing well and families are wonderful and everyone else has had a better start to the year than me. Missed you mommas!

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