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Miscarriage & D&C

Hello ladies,

I'm sad to be joining this group again. I had an MC at 8 weeks in July, but it wasn't a surprise as there had been bleeding since week 5. But this time I was at 14 weeks, 3 days from the 14 week appointment and had one quick spotting, followed by brown spotting, and the OB seemed not too concerned, but then bleeding really started and we ended up at the ER. They could see the baby, but no movement or heartbeat. the OB confirmed it at our appointment the next day. They determined the baby measured at 9 w 4 days, which would have been just after the first ultrasound where everything looked strong and normal. I had a D& C yesterday, as the dr suggested because of how far I was. 

We're just devastated at this point. Last time was almost a little easier because things had been iffy from the start. This time things had been going really well, and we'd told everyone just a couple weeks before, thinking we were safe. I'm dreading going back to work and having to deal with the questions. 

Anyway, thanks for listening.

Re: Miscarriage & D&C

  • I am sorry for your loss. I had a D&C last week. I would have been going into my 12 week. I wish I had some comforting words for you, but just know you are not alone and I hope soon you will be blessed with a healthy baby! Wishing you all the best. This is hard and discouraging, but keep hope!
  • @nessie1313, I am sorry for you loss. Our situations are similar. My first miscarriage was very similar to yours.  I had a great ultrasound at 8 weeks 3 days, then at 14 weeks the baby no longer had a heart beat. The ultrasound showed that the baby had died a few days after last ultrasound.  With my more recent loss, I never attached because we were concerned from the beginning.  I couldn't get a HPT positive until 15 dpos, my first beta was lower than expected, but there was slight improvement, bleeding starting at 5 weeks, bad ultrasound at 7.  It was always something looking bad. 

    With my first loss, my doctor pushed for a d&c due to the blood loss risks, I had to have one with the second because my body wouldn't miscarry naturally, and I was done waiting.  I hope you are physically feeling well today, and I am sorry you feel devastated, which is understandable, I was too. 
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    Thanks @ciaobellat . We're trying to stay positive. I'm sorry for yours as well. Hope you are feeling better today. 
  • @holly321 Thanks. And I'm sorry for yours as well. Thanks for the encouragement. Being on here helps to know that you aren't alone.
  • nessie1313 - I'm so sorry you're going through this.  I've been there and I know how horrible it is; I was honestly in shock for the first two days because like you I thought we were in the clear.  Be sure to give yourself time and "permission" to grieve if that makes sense. I was so numb and focused on being strong and continuing on that I didn't let myself really feel the emotion of it all until a few days later when out of nowhere I just started sobbing in my office at work with the door closed. After I got through the initial shock and then that deep sadness, every day has gotten a little easier and hopefully it's that way for you too.  I'm so sorry. 
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