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Hi everyone. I'm sad I am in this group and saw you ladies are as well. I went in for my very first ob apt last week and I was expected to measure 6 weeks but instead measured 5. I wasn't too surprised since I ovulated very late. A few days later I had a miscarriage. It was so heartbreaking. I definitely want to try again very very soon. After a miscarriage, does your cycle go crazy or does it get back to normal soon? 

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  • Losses that early tend to have fast recovery, but your OB should track you hcg beta quant to 0.
  • @stephiesanchez07, I am sorry for you loss.

    After my first miscarriage, I got a period 5 weeks later, and my next cycle was pretty typical. The one after that I ovulated a few days earlier than normal, but it was otherwise regular.
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  • @stephiesanchez07 sorry you are going through this. After my losses, my periods did get consecutively heavier but remained on a normal cycle for me. 

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  • I'm so sorry for your loss. With my first, it was early, and my period came about 6 weeks later, and then was pretty regular. Wishing you all the success with the next one.
  • I’m very sorry for your loss. I miscarried twice. It was awful each time. That’s why I wish you to stay strong, dear. I believe you can do it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get pregnant naturally after the second MC. That’s why we had to use the help of IVF. In your case you should talk to your doctor. Every woman is different. You definitely have to wait for some time before you start ttc again. But only your doctor can tell you how long you should wait. As far as I know it takes 1-2 months to recover and start trying again.

    I wish you good luck with your next pregnancy. I believe that everything will be fine. You are a strong woman.

  • Hello there deary. I am really sorry to hear what you went through dear. It is really a sin to know that people go through this. I cannot imagine what it must feel like. To carry you angel and to not be able to bring them to life. You must feel devastated. Honestly I m really saddened by this. I don't know if I can do just to my sorrow by trying to explain it. Nobody deserves to go through such thing. Life can be a real bitch at times. I am sorry that you had to see this side of life. Better days are coming my dear. Don't lose hope or get stressed. Things will take a trun for better!

    To try and answer your question... Chances are taht your period will be late. However you should have just normal cycles. Like only the first period after the miscarriage will be a little late. Hope things go just fine.
  • I’m so sorry for your loss.  I had a MMC and my period returned 29 days after my D&C, even though my HCG levels were still not quite at 0.  My period was pretty much like it was pre-loss except for an extra day of spotting at the beginning and end.  Based on OPKs I ovulated on CD 14, which was the same as my pre-loss cycle as well.  I’ve only had one cycle post loss so far so it’s hard to say if it will stay consistent.  That being said, every body is different and there is a wide range of normal. 
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