1st Trimester

5 Weeks Today!!

Ok, so - most of the posts here are full of worry and I’m guilty of it too. I miscarried my last pregnancy at 7 weeks, so I’m over analyzing every symptom (and lack of symptoms) that I come across. But not today!

We are so busy worrying that something terrible will happen, but worrying isn’t going to keep it from happening. So today, I am celebrating that I’m at the 5 week mark and everything seems in check. My likelihood of NOT miscarrying is (roughly) 78.5% so that is a good number to see!

I hope all of you can take a breath today and celebrate your pregnancy instead of worrying so much. We can do that tomorrow.
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Re: 5 Weeks Today!!

  • Congrats on being 5 weeks along! FX for you and your little bean :)
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