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Baltimore County OBGYN - Need recommendations/advice please

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Hello all,

My husband and I will start TTC soon (this will be the first time for us - no children yet), and I need to find a new OBGYN in the Baltimore County area. My current GYN no longer handles OB patients, so I will need to switch to a new practice when I do get pregnant. I'm planning to ask my current GYN for his recommendation, but was also hoping to get some other opinions from real Moms in the area...because honestly my head is starting to spin from all of the research I have been doing about this, and I feel like I am getting nowhere! Are there any OBGYN's you would highly recommend in the Baltimore County area?

I've compiled a list of the more important things I'm looking for below (sorry, this is long):
- Male or female doctor is preference.
- Privileges at GBMC and/or St. Joe's...we haven't decided which hospital we want to use yet.
- Office in northern Baltimore County (so Lutherville, Timonium, Sparks, Hunt Valley, Towson, etc....or at GBMC/St. Joe's)
- Bedside manner is huge to me. I deal with anxiety on a daily basis, especially health anxiety. I am looking for an OB who is calm, patient, and reassuring. I can't work with someone who won't be patient with me, and who won't take time to answer questions (which as a FTM, I will have many). I am a worrier, so I am looking for someone who will be calming...not someone who will get me more spun up and anxious about everything.
- I have some preexisting conditions that will necessitate some flexibility from the OB (migraines and vertigo, daily; along with allergies, and dietary restrictions because of the severe migraines). Someone who is too pushy, or who won't take time to discuss things with me and find alternatives to some things that I cannot do will not work for my situation.
- I have mild high blood pressure (controlled by low-dose medication now) while I feel that a midwife or birth center may be a better fit for a lot of what I am looking for. I think I would ultimately end up with an OB and a hospital birth anyway because of this.
- Ideally I would like to be able to get ultrasounds and even blood draws at the same place that I go for regular OB appointments during pregnancy. If not in the same office, at least in the same building. Getting a lot of time off of work for appointments will not be possible for various I would like to be able to get everything done at one time when I take off of work for a scheduled appointment.

A lot of the research I have done so far has pointed me towards Dr. Fogelson...but it seems he is now with Capital Women's Care (7801 York Road in Towson, MD). I've seen some not so great things mentioned about some of the other offices with CWC, so I'm a bit hesitant to use such a big practice with so many doctors in it. Does anyone have experience with this office in particular?

If anyone has any recommendations for an OB who would meet some/most/all of the things that I am looking for, I would be forever thankful!! Thank you!
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