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I am 20 wks pregnant. We recently found out that our baby girl has a Single Umbilical Artery, a two chambered heart, no right kidney, an underdeveloped left kidney, and trisomy 21. Our doctor said this is a non viable pregnancy and she will not live outside of the womb. Does anyone have any advice on carrying a pregnancy to full term while knowing your baby will not survive outside of the womb? I have always been against abortion, but termination has crossed my mind. My husband and I are at a complete loss of how to handle this situation. Advice or words of wisdom would be appreciated. 

Re: Non Viable Pregnancy

  • I definitely have something to say regarding this. I do not know how your beliefs are, so if you do not believe in God and/or miracles, take it more as doctors can be wrong sometimes. 

    My brother's step daugher was pregnant with her second child and they found a condition in the baby's heart. Life threatening, in fact they flat out told her the baby would probably not make it to birth, and if it did, it would need heart surgery immediately after, and it was not likely baby would not have much quality of life IF it made it through said surgery. Also, baby would need several surgeries in the first few months of life. Again, odds were not likely.

    My family and I do believe in God, prayer, and miracles, and we all prayed heavily for this baby girl and her mother to stay strong and pull through. What happened?

    Kennedy Rose was born very much alive. She required no oxygen, and all of her vitals were great! The doctors were floored. She did not need surgery immediately, and while she was monitored closely, she was able to go home after they were sure she could. She did end up having to have one surgery a few months later, but she came through and recovered quickly. There have been ups and downs but she always bounces back immediately, is developing normally, and is the happiest baby you have ever met. Almost always smiling. 

    Regardless of how you view that (it was God or not), she is a success story. Her mother began a facebook page early on to track her progress and still updates it like clock work. Yes, Kennedy still has scares, doctors appointments and hills and valleys, but they are confident they are working through things. I really encourage you to read through the posts, if only the beginning up through birth. Lots of pics and videos are on there, too.

    If the link does not work, it is Kennedy Rose's Heart Journey. This is my brother's step daughter, so I can testify that this is very real. If you would like, I can put you in contact with her and her husband. They would be able to offer wisdom and encouragment first hand.

  • When I read your post to my husband, he reminded me of his nephew. His sister was told virtually the same thing, non viable pregnancy. Different reason, and it had to do with something growing where it was not supposed to in the little boy's brain. Doctor told her to abort or he was going to die in the womb and be stillborn. 0% chance of him making it. They named him Gideon after the story in the bible, and just kept praying and believing he would make it. The doctors saod not to name him, to not get attached because he would not make it. It was impossible.

    He was born 100% healthy, whole, without any problems whatsoever. Their doctor, who does not believe in God, said it is a miracle and completely inexplicable. They had 2nd and third options all through the pregnancy and all doctors said the same. But he is here. And he is the most adorable little one and a half year old boy. Totally normal and developing as he should. 

    I cannot tell you not to worry. I cannot tell you not to cry, be hurt, or feel hopeless. All I can say is, whether you believe or don't believe in God amd miracles, crazier things can and have happened. As for me and for my family, we would hope and pray, and see what happened. 

    Please keep me posted.
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