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2 days left!! Your thoughts??

your thoughts on the name Violet Athena?

Re: 2 days left!! Your thoughts??

  • Love violet! I’m not big on goddess names in general, but 1) she’s the best one and 2) it’s a middle name slot so I’m pretty nonjudgmental on those - it’s a good spot for an odd family name or guilty pleasure fave
  • It was supposed to be Athena Violet, but coming from a Hispanic family every time I tell one of them the name all I get is “Tina” “thena” and every time I tell people the name I always get the same and i have to correct people 1,000 times before they get it right
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  • I much prefer Violet to Athena as a first name.

    Good choice!!
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  • Really like it! 
  • Good name!
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  • Very nice!
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