Baby won't sleep in bassinet or crib

Help! My six week old will only sleep in the boppy lounger ( I understand it isn't safe sleep). I know he can sleep on his back because he was in the NICU for 37 days and slept on his back there. Now that we are home he screams and cries when we put him in either the bassinet or crib and wants to be held or fed... Since the boppy lounger isn't safe sleep we need to get him into the bassinet or crib ASAP for our own peace of mind. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!! 

Re: Baby won't sleep in bassinet or crib

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    Sorry your little one was in the NICU for so long.  Glad he's home and doing much better!  DS1 hated to sleep on his back, stomach, any place that was flat.  After some time it was diagnosed as reflux and the meds helped him not have acid build up when lying down.  So it was a good while of dealing with a similar situation, in that he didn't want to sleep anywhere but up right.  It's totally a comfort thing for your family.  So that we could get some sleep and he could too, he actually slept strapped into his car seat, set inside his crib.  He took naps in a swing that was inclined and slept buckled in there a fair amount of nights.  Not everyone's choice, but it was the only way he would stay asleep.  It was a lot of little sleep, waking up every little bit to check on him, but after awhile he was in a much better mood from sleep and so were we.  And considering we weren't sleeping the other way, we gave it a try.  Then his little stomach and esophagus got strong enough to hold his food down and the meds helped.  After that he did ok sleeping in his crib laying down.  Not sleeping is rough, but you have to do what you feel comfortable with.  
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    We also had problems getting DS to sleep flat on his back for the first few months.  He needed to be at a slight incline.  Most naps were in the rock and play.  He spent a few nights there too.
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