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Placenta Previa- Experience with this?

Okay. I am a third time mom. I am 26 weeks pregnant and was diagnosed with partial previa at 20 weeks. I have to get ultrasounds every two weeks because of preterm labor history. Over the last 6 weeks the ultrasound tech said it hasn’t moved at all. My doctor said the chances of it moving in the next 6 weeks are pretty low. I am so depressed because I have had vaginal natural labor and deliveries for both my daughters and was really hoping to try again with this one. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a Csection... its just not what I am used to and not what I expected.  

 Doc says they will go in and get baby at 36 weeks because of previa and my history. That means premie baby which means NICU stay while I am stuck in bed recovering from CSection. I worry I won’t have bonding time! It makes me so sad. Does anyone have an experience similar to this? Either where their placenta moved late...or how they dealt with premie baby while stuck in bed recovering? Thanks!  

Re: Placenta Previa- Experience with this?

  • I have no experience, but wanted to pass on that I'm sorry this is happening to you.  It's good that you know you will likely have a C-section and hopefully that gives you some time to work on coming to terms for it.  I was a C section baby (Placental abruption at 35/6 weeks) and all turned out well for both me and my mom!  I had no problem breast feeding and I didn't even need to stay in the NICU long at all.

    I have heard these are very good for when you are healing from a C Section:

    Make sure you prepare your H, your other kiddos, and get a team of friends and family who will all pitch in and be helpful and self sufficient.  You will be down for a while and you will need a lot of help.  Make sure you have a good support system going!   
  • I did not have previa, but I delivered via cs at 37 weeks due to IUGR. He was the size of a 32 weeker and only spent 24 hours in the NICU. Babies are so much more resilient than we give them credit for. We had a lot of bonding time while he was in the NICU, was even with all the monitors. 
    As for recovery, take your pain medication as scheduled for the first couple of days and take it easy. Rest, but walk as soon as they will let you. Listen to your body and rest as needed, but try to keep up with the movement to help blood flow and reduce your risk of pneumonia. Get one of those pillows that is shaped like that back of a chair to keep you elevated in bed/couch. The nurses will teach you the roll trick to get out of bed. Ask for an abdominal binder to be placed as soon as you get to recovery and have them put an abdominal pad/dressing over your incision so the binder doesn’t irritate the stitches. 
    As for nursing, my son was 5 days old before he latched and it was challenging at first to say the least. Get a good breast pump just in case and keep the LC on speed dial. Every situation is different and he just might be an easy nurser, but be prepared that it *could* be a challenge for a little while. 

    It it is incredibly important to recognize that it is ok to feel sad over losing your expected birth experience. Even with the birth of a perfectly healthy baby, it is still ok to feel a sense of loss and to mourn that loss. 

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  • My cousin had placenta previa and had to get an emergency C-section at 33 weeks. Her baby spent about 4 weeks in the NICU. She had 3 other children at home, but she managed to get to the hospital daily to spend time with her baby and do skin to skin therapy and pump for him. It's definitely doable to recover and have a child in NICU. 

    However, it's best if you don't need them to go into the NICU and can retain your pregnancy up to 36 weeks. The best thing you can do knowing your condition is to take it easy to avoid needing an earlier C-section or hospital stay bed rest. If you can make it to 36 weeks, you may not have to have your baby in the NICU. Most multiples are taken at 36 weeks and can go home after a few days. So, I would not necessarily worry about that. 

    I wish you good luck and lots of rest leading up to the delivery of your precious child.
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  • The placenta previa I had moved, however I am a 4TM with my first breech baby and am petrified of a c-section so I can totally relate...but that’s not the only reason I am posting... My second son was born at 35 weeks exactly and did have a short NICU stay, did not room with me in the hospital or leave with me, but he was home with me the day after I left... I was so worried it would mar the perfect breastfeeding and bonding I had with my first kid and expected with my next... sure he had a rough start, but not only did he exclusively breastfeed from his 3rd day on, but he breastfed until he was 3 YEARS OLD and has been incredibly bonded to me since birth... even now taller than me,140lbs and 11 1/2 years old he and I are still very bonded... and his birth no longer defines him.  Good luck!
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