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What do you think of the name Wilder?

Re: Wilder?

  • Yawn. Seriously trend city and immediately screams I’m trying to make my kid sound badass and cool. 

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  • middle name
  • I like it!! Super unique. I agree with people above that it could also be used as a cool middle name! 
  • Not a fan. Also agree it sounds like the parents were trying too hard. 
  • It makes me think of Almonzo Wilder from little house on the prairie. I don't think it's horrible but it's not really the type of name I usually like.
  • It's the kind of name people use when they want their child to be special and unique and brilliant, but do none of the work of helping their child become an interesting well rounded person.
  • Trying too hard is the vibe I get. 
  • Not a fan either...could middle name it for fun if you love it
  • Is it pronounced will-der or while-der
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