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UO Thursday

alright ladies, I’m trying to distract myself while waiting for a doc to call back to confirm what I already know from my lab results!  (I have mild choleostasis of pregnancy, now I just need treatment plan, but my doc is out this week! She said someone else would call when the results came in so I wouldn’t sit and worry) 

my UO: I’m an atheist but my children have been baptized in my parents church. Amongst my atheist friends I’m often laughed at or called a hypocrite but to me, giving my Grandma the cultural celebration and emotional security regardless of my belief is more important to me than making some grand gesture against organized religion.  

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  • @riversdoctor fellow atheist and I'm 100% with @irenejean who cares? 

    My UO is a little lame, but I think chocolate and peanut butter is a gross combination. Alone they are both delicious, together, gag me!
  • @ftm_ohio, love it!  Also re:Reese’s pb cups -more for me!  I personally can’t stand regular nuts in brownies/chocolate though. So peanut m&ms or snickers bars are just awful!
  • @riversdoctor hell yes to that! I hate nuts in my desserts! They don't being there!!
  • @ftm_ohio I 100% agree with you! 

    My UO - I am loving that the weather has gone to complete crap. If I wanted to live in perfect temps I would move to a location that was conducive to that lifestyle. I am a big fan of the snow, ice and arctic temps (during limited times), the shift is welcome in my world. 
  • I just wouldn't agree to infant baptism even though my family has a strong history of it. With ds#1 we got a lot of crap from our family. With ds#2 (11 yrs later) I kinda wanted to dress him in a traditonal family gown. Just for the pic but he was too huge For it anyway.   No one even mentioned baptising him. They had given up. We are believers. We did a small dedication at a friend's house. 

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  • All my friends with kids have the elf on a shelf and I seriously don’t get the appeal/concept. I think it’s really dumb.
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    I really try to give all parents the benefit of the doubt because parenting is hard AF and most of the things I said I'd "never do" pre-kids I do without reservation now. BUT I think there is definitely such a thing as too much TV/screen time for little ones and I'm biting my tongue right now at my in-laws house. They have a 18 mo old and 3 YO and these girls watch TV every morning and night, plus the kindle all the time during the day. My LO is distracted by the TV and my DH and I keep turning it off, hah.  My FIL and MIL keep comparing my DD to their younger one, attributing how verbal by DD is to the fact that she's in day care. A) all kids are different, so comparing their development isn't fair, but B ) my kid knows her colors and letters and numbers because we TALK to her and READ to her constantly. I have yet to see anyone read to these kids, between one parent, one nanny,  and two grandparents around all day.  

    End rant.

    Oh also the girls got bowls of goldfish crackers for breakfast today. Seriously? Okay end rant for real.

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