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High-Risk Pregnancy

High- risk 1st pregnancy at 40... trying to stay hopeful

Hi ladies! I know this is completely out of my hands, so I suppose I'm just looking for some support from people who understand. Long story not - so short: I was married at 30 and divorced by 35, after a pretty dramatic revelation from my ex-husband. One of the most traumatic parts of our divorce was that I became convinced that I would never be a mom because I was over 35 and wasn't sure about how I was going to learn to trust again in order to find someone I wanted to have a child with. Fast forward 4 years and I met my amazing fiance. Just prior to my 40th birthday, I went to a high-risk Ob-Gyn to see what she thought about our chances of conceiving. everything seemed fine so she said to go ahead and have fun seeing what might happen. I'm now 9 weeks past my LMP, but it's possible I ovulated later than predicted, based on symptoms I had. I went in for what I thought it was going to be an 8 week ultrasound, but the gestational sac and yolk sac measured at 5-6 weeks. My HCG levels came back at just a smidge over 10,000, which my doctor seemed confident in because it correlated with the ultrasound and a second possible conception date. Just to be safe, because my progesterone was only at 7.4, she ordered another set of blood work for 48 hours later. My HCG only went up to just over 12,000 and my progesterone actually went down to 6.7. I'm going for another ultrasound this Tuesday to see if my pregnancy has progressed at all, but the doctor warned me that the numbers indicate that this might not be the happy ending I had been hoping for. That being said, I've had no cramping or bleeding, and at my appointment a few days ago she said my cervix was still closed and everything looked normal. I take that back, after the phone call, I immediately felt like I felt cramps, but I may just be expecting the worst. Any words of wisdom will help me feel less alone and scared, and would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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