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Advice- non doubling betas

hi All! I was active on the IF board this year through August when our first PGS FET failed. 

Now I switched REs and did a Fresh Transfer of 3 embryos on Day 3 on December 8. 

At 10 dp3dt I had a beta of 199. 48 hours later at 12 dp3dt the beta was 467. So yay!

they did a 3rd beta on 14dp3dt and it was only 785. So not double and a 68% increase. Doubling time of 64 hours. My RE said up to 72 hours is normal. 

He he also said it could be vanishing multiples. If you average across the time from 10 dp and 14 dp it was doubling every 48 hours.

Has anyone dealt with this and had a good outcome? I don't get another beta until Tuesday due to Christmas and Ultrasound next Friday. 

Re: Advice- non doubling betas

  • Hey!!! I've been thinking about you!! So glad to see this update!! These are great betas!!! I wouldn't worry too much these are good! It's possible you have a vanishing one, I'm hoping u have a really strong nugget!!!  Keep us updated! Good luck!!!
    History of TTC in spoiler box
    TTC since 2014
    Unexplained Infertility - but I am 40...Low AMH .30
    7 - IUI (50mg-150mg Clomid) Feb - August 2016 all BFN 
    IVF#1 August 2016 (Antagonist protocol 4/5 eggs) Cancelled cycle :( RE thought I would get at least 10.
    IVF#2 Sept 2016 (microdose luporn pro - disappearing follies, ONLY ONE, convert to IUI) BFN
    IVF#3 November 2016 (4 ER, 3 F,  3DT)-BFP  with TWINS // MC both at almost 10wks  :'( 
    IVF#4 March 2017 //EPP  (10 ER (1 wonky so 9 ER) 7F, 3B (5AB, (2)5BB) PGS tested- ALL abnormal  :'( 
    IVF#5 April 2017 // EPP (7 ER, 7F yes! 6B) 2/5 day 4/6 day - 2 PGS normal! yes!! :)
    IVF#6 May 2017 // Antagonist didn't have time for Estrogen Priming...(4 ER, 3 F, 3B) (5AB, (2) 5BB) 2 PGS normal, yes!! :)
    IVF#7 June 2017 // EPP praying this is it and then on to an FET!

  • Thanks me too! Glad we are here! 
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  • @Ash_SE Hope you are doing well, and that non-doubling is due to a vanishing one.  Since I only had a single beta testing at 9dp5dt, I don't have a personal story to tell, but my acupuncturist told me that her betas did not double every 48 hours.  She went on to have a healthy child.  Hoping this is the case for you!  
    Me: 41  DH: 46
    Unexplained infertility/AMA, polycystic ovaries, insulin resistance
    FET#1(July 2017): eSET of first of 4 PGS-normal embryos, DS born 3/30/2018
    FET#2(Oct/Nov 2019): eSET  
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