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4 weeks red blood 24hrs no pain?

I got a positive pregnancy test 4 days ago. And yesterday started bleeding. It will go from brown to pink to red. I haven't had to wear a pad yet, it really seems to only happen when I pee. But when I do it's enough to turn the water red and leave my tolet paper a scary dark reddish color. No cramps no pain..
This is my 4th pregnancy, and my first 3 Al went well. So I have no idea what to think.

I was on the patch.. yesterday was supposed to be my first patch free week day. So I just started it. I went to the er and they did blood work said I am 4 weeks my hcg lvls we're 1500, but a month ago when I went to the Dr to get the patch it was originally for a pregnancy test because I missed my period but was getting all negative tests...they did a blood test came back negative..but I just felt like I was pregnant..so once she said negative they gave me the patch and I started it the next day
So they think I'm 4 weeks and got pregnant on the patch...maybe but idk that seems crazy that I haven't had my period since October 28th and I felt I was pregnant when I went to my ob for the test and she gave me the patch..so I'm so confused..reason I say all that is because if I was pregnant before, baby would be 7 ish weeks and not 4...
All they saw was a sac in my u.s no fetal pole yet. They said I may even be as early as 3 weeks. I took a dollar store pregnancy test and the pregnant line showed up before the test one!! How crazy is that for "3 weeks" pregnant???? Someone please talk to me I'm going crazy!!

Re: 4 weeks red blood 24hrs no pain?

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    acunamatadaacunamatada member
    edited December 2017
    How weird. Did they find any reason for your bleeding or do a follow up hcg test? That would be the best test for viability before you see a heartbeat. I'm surprised they even saw a sac if they're saying your 3-4 weeks, sacs don't usually show on u/s until 5 weeks, with a higher hcg than 1500(closer to 5000). 
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