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Skipping fetal heartbeat?!?!

Hello all, I just wanted to know if any STM or even FTM have had this at all? I’m 22 weeks and had just a regular appointment yesterday. When they were listening to the heartbeat on the Doppler, the doctor listened for a long time. She said it was a strong heartbeat with 140bpm but she wanted someone else to look on an ultrasound to listen because she thought she heard a skip in his heartbeat. The other doctor went on the ultrasound and said she heard the skip in his heartbeat as well but everything else looked good. Just to be safe she’s sending me to see a high risk doctor and a specialist for a fetal echo. I’m so nervous and scared and just wanted to know if anyone has had this with their little one? 

Re: Skipping fetal heartbeat?!?!

  • I have no experience with this personally but I'm sending positive thoughts your way! Hopefully someone on the board can help ease your mind.

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  • I have not had this experience but I have had a fetal echo with both of my babies (this one and DD). They get reviewed right away by a cardiologist so you will have answers. The echo is focused on the heart and is more useful in evaluating its structure and function. Sending lots of positive thoughts :) 

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  • I haven't been through this but thoughts and prayers sent your way! Hopefully you get some good news from the specialist. 
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