Nursing through Pregnancy & Tandem Nursing

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If anyone can share their experiences or concerns, or what they think is most important to know, it would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Nursing through Pregnancy & Tandem Nursing

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    Not a STM (yet) but hope to start TTC soon. Still EBF my 9 month old son, who nurses about six times per day total (including one MOTN feed he still won't give up). He takes three pumped bottles on days I work. If he hasn't self weaned when I get pregnant again, I will continue to nurse but want to wean and don't want to tandem feed. I've read a lot about the subject lately.

    I assume you are a SAHM if she is feeding that much. I have heard that as your pregnancy progresses the milk will change flavor and many kids self-wean, or that your supply will eventually drop and again this may spur on weaning. I have heard in order to night wean a good trick is to offer a bottle/sippy of water instead of a nursing session and the baby/toddler will eventually not bother to wake up for it. Obviously, this works best if dad is the one responding and not mom! I plan on doing this by 12 months if DS hasn't night-weaned himself.

    If you haven't tried much before, I would suggest offering some pumped BM or cows milk in a sippy cup instead of water to alleviate the demand of so much nursing, if this is tiring you out. That way, DD is accustomed to using a sippy cup for milk when you are away at the hospital for baby #2. When she is closer to two years, she may also understand more if you talk to her about weaning or slowing down. Kudos to you if you plan on tandem nursing! I hear it is a wonderful experience if you can pull it off.
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