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Baby Girl name opinions please

So my husband and I have pretty much settled on a name for our little girl who is due in April.
We're planning on naming her Juno Annette. Annette is a family name, and non-negotiable. I LOVE the name Juno, but I'm having a little trepidation about the association with the movie Juno. We're not sharing the name with any friends or family members until she's here, and I guess I'm just wanting some opinions. 

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    The movie might be some people's first/only association with the name, but as you probably know it's the Roman name for Hera, wife of Jupiter/Zeus, goddess of marriage. I think that's strong enough to shut up anybody who thinks having the same name as a movie character means she will have the same life.

    Edit: also want to say I really like it!
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  • I associate the name with the movie because I don’t know any Junos, and because it was a pretty popular movie. However, the movie will be so old by the time she’s in school, her classmates really won’t know it or associate the name with it.

    Its tough because I think the name is cute (and I like the potential nn of June), but I would have a hard time pulling the trigger on a name like this... but my personality is to play it safe. I think names like this cause a little controversy at first, but once a little adorable baby actually has the name, everyone will warm up to it.  

    I really like Annette! 
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  • I think that the movie may be people’s first reaction but I don’t think that should stop you. It’s a really cute name and people her age probably won’t make the connection when she’s older. I think Juno Annette is very pretty. 
  • i love love annette! not a fan of juno
    i automatically think of alaska, then  the movie.
    do not think it is pretty at all

  • I think of the movie, and then remember it was also the goddess. Our generation will have a strong association with the movie but probably not her generation.  It’s not my style and I’d probably use Annette as the first name but I prefer softer more feminine sounding names.
  • I don't really like Juno...I cant see it maturing with your daughter as she grows up.
     I suggest 
    June......(you can still call her Juno)
  • I don’t love Juno... just nms. I think of the movie, but I agree that will fade with time.
  • Juno is a fine name. One of my college besties was named Juno, so I don't see it as a forever kid name 
  • I don’t love Juno either, but agree the movie isn’t a timeless classic that is likely to haunt her. The goddess was fairly reprehensible though! Might be a problem some day if she takes a mythology class
  • Thanks for all the opinions everyone! I get that it's not going to be everyone's style, and appreciate the suggestions! I don't think I'm likely to change my mind, but it's good to hear opinions before I pull the trigger, so to speak!
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