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Milestone Monday 12-18

Finally rolled from back to belly (at least I think so, my husband said he did). He was getting to his belly before but his arms were stuck, I don't know if my husband noticed if he was fully there. 
Reaches arms out when he wants to be picked up. 
Screams bloody murder 30min-hour after he's gone to bed. 

You guys have mostly older LO's, how did you survive the 4 mo sleep regression?
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Re: Milestone Monday 12-18

  • It was rough, but the worst only last a few day. I had actually forgotten about that one. It all makes sense now! 
  • We have started giving LO food! He is 5 months and just got very interested in our food. He has had mashed potatoes, peas, green beans, and sweet potatoes. So far, nothing he doesn’t like! He does start screaming if we don’t feed him fast enough though and he refuses to wait for the spoon to come to his mouth. He lunges for it! 
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  • @Cynth0104 I'm so glad to hear this!  At our 4 month appt our pediatrician said he was ready for food whenever we wanted to start but we've held off because it 'felt' too early.  But he's always been really interested in food, so we were thinking of starting over Christmas break.  I feel he'll be the same way, just loving it, we'll see!
  • @Cynth0104 Are you doing baby food or table food pureed? We have our 4 mo appt on Friday so I'm sure it will be mentioned although I'm going to wait until at least 5 months if not 6. 
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  • @jkbrownstein, I am making my own. The mashed potatoes ware ones Ihad made with dinner. The peas were also with dinner and I just mashed them with a spoon. I did purée the green beans (hard to mash!). We have the baby bullet from when my oldest was a baby, so we are using that to purée (although a blender works too). 

    @CPR79, I say if baby is interested, then don’t wait. I ha e heard horror stories of people who waited and then their LO was no longer interested! As long as LO is at least 4 months old. We took LO to his 4 month appointment and his MD said to wait until 6 months. At 5 months, LO was trying to eat food off of my plate. Couldn’t see waiting for another month because he said so. 
  • It is so fun to start exploring foods! I am excited to get there. 

    DD now starts or every night in her crib. She started in the bassinette. In transitioned her to the crib when she started rolling over, but moved her back to the bassinette in our room when her reflux got bad. So, this week I moved her to the crib again m the second half of the night, shut usually ends up in bed with me, because I don't want to get back up. 

  • We tried starting solids on Christmas Eve with baked sweet potato that I mashed with a bit of breastmilk. She seemed interested at first but made a lot of unpleasant faces. We gave her a bit more yesterday and a bit more today but no luck. She spits it out and seems way more interested in trying to hold the spoon. I’m wondering if maybe she just doesn’t dig sweet potatoes. I’ve read you’re supposed to wait a week before new foods, but I think I’m going to make her something else tomorrow...
  • @lanie1000 My pediatrician is a little older so I'm not sure if this old school advice or not but it's worked for us.  She told us to do 1 tsp of the rice cereal mixed with formula or breast milk to a yogurt consistency for 7-10 days, and then 2 tsps of rice cereal for 7-10 days before moving on to green vegetables.  Then one green veggie for 2 days and the 3rd day off (for possible allergy purposes), then another green veggie for 2 days, etc.  After green veggies move to orange veggies but on the 3rd day you can do a green veggie instead of a day off.  We're not there yet, just about to move to 2 tsps of rice cereal.  The first day he made faces and turned away after a few spoonfuls but by the 4th day he was opening his mouth big and trying to pull the spoon into it.  I guess that way it's less about the taste (which it might be with the sweet potatoes?) and more about just learning how to swallow/not spitting it out?  
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