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Star Wars names...

So, I have a little one named Finn and we are expecting again and our top name for a girl has been Rose. I heard Finn was a new Star Wars character and didn't mind at all but now there is a character named Rose too! I've never seen these movies but don't want my sib set to scream star wars fan haha.  I also liked that Rose is uncommon but am afraid it'll become super popular now.  What do you guys think? What would you think about Finn and Rose siblings?

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  • Finn and rose are fine. Both are used all over pop culture unlike say Leia, Rey,  Jyn, Kylo, Han, or Greedo.
  • I had no idea that either of them were Star Wars characters. Rose is great!
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  • mb0112 said:
    I had no idea that either of them were Star Wars characters. Rose is great!
    Totally agree- plus they are both popular enough and have been around long enough that they don’t scream Star Wars to me
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  •  Great,  thank you all :smile:
  • I agree that you’re probably fine - I haven’t seen the movies, but it’s not like they aren’t normal names (like Leia and Hans)
  • For most people, they probably won't stand out as Star Wars names, and the same can probably be said for the distant future since they aren't very sci-fi.  But I would say that you should be prepared for comments, because I do think that some people will make the connection, especially now and in the coming months since the movie was just released this week. 
  • I've seen some of the movies and that was not my first thought 
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  • I wouldn’t worry about it. Good names...
  • Just be ready for star wars jokes from people that are into it. My nephew is Luke and one day dh (who is super into Star Wars) made a star wars joke and my sister got super bent out of shape over it. 
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  • A friend of mine is super into Star Wars, he named his little girl Reya  <3
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