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Spotting/Bleeding at 20 weeks

Yesterday was a scary day for me. I was 20+5 weeks and was at work when suddenly I started bleeding bright red blood. About 4 quarter sized drops into the toilet, and when I wiped, the Kleenex was covered in blood. I have had no spotting/bleeding at all prior to this. Had an emergency ultrasound and they say everything looks ok. But I have a “pooling of blood” between cervix and uterus area. They think it may have been from straining (no I didn’t have sex the night before, or do any gym classes or lift heavy objects). I wonder how it happened. Gave me a heart attack though, I thought I was having another miscarriage. Any one else have any similar experiences? 

Re: Spotting/Bleeding at 20 weeks

  • I had some bleeding at 23 weeks. My doctor described it as capillaries in your cervix can get irritated, much like when gums bleed sometimes when you brush your teeth.
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  • I don’t have experience with it but I wanted to say I’m so sorry you guys had to go through that. I would have freaked out for sure. Thankfully everything is ok! 
  • @tooraloorah thanks, that’s a nice logical explanation. 
  • I have had bleeding recently, and it is always just as terrifying to see.  Every time it happens to me it stops pretty quickly, and I know before hand that I am prone to it, but it always freaks me the heck out.
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  • That sounds super scary! Glad your doc said everything is looking okay. 
  • I'm glad this thread exists right now because I'm experiencing the same thing. Yesterday I saw a little bit of pink tint when I wiped, but it was so small I kind of ignored it. Today I had significantly more red blood. My MW office is closed and I'm trying not to freak out. The baby is moving like normal so that's reassuring.
  • so scary.  I had this too but it was due to placenta previa.  assuming you don't have that?   

    @mountainsmama, I'd suggest calling an afterhours line if you end up bleeding anymore.  for mine they ended up keeping me in the hospital overnight for observation.  it's for your health as well as babys.

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