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Pregnancy After Weightloss Surgery

In August, I decided to take a major step in my life and have the Gasteric Sleeve Surgery. And 15 I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. And I was pregnant in January, with uncontrollable sugars and meds that were not good for pregnacy. I decided to have the abortion.  And had my surgery to have a healthy future. Then August I found out I was pregnant. 3 months post-op. Anyone else on here had Weightloss surgery and were pregnant quick? I'm jusy worried about my protein intake and the fact I can not eat a lot at all. And now worried if I can gain enough weight. Any type of snacks or protein tips are very much welcome.

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    I did not have wls recently but have been dealing with complications from it now for years. I had RNY 12 years ago and have had 9 strictures where they go back in and stretch my stomach out, most recently in December 2017 and January 2018 shortly before finding out I am pregnant with twins.

    A few things I have been drinking and eating that are high in protein are ready made muscle milk drinks which have 25 g of protein per drink and also Luna protein bars as well as nature valley protein bars which have 10-12g of protein per bar. I also add cheddar cheese to whatever meal I am eating if I can as it has 7g of protein per 1/4 cup. I have been eating a lot of scrambled eggs with cheese too.

    I find I am able to eat a little bit more with the twins as pregnancy progresses but I am eating about 8x a day plus the muscle milk.
  • I'm currently TTC but I had RNY a year ago and have been searching for others who have gone through it. So I guess I am just following along to see if anyone else has any advice. 

    I sat down with my nutritionist last month and she gave me a packet of info and some helpful tips. So maybe try asking your WL team if they have any suggestions?
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  • @tessiesmom26 good luck TTC. I am also taking extra iron, B12, and d3 vitamins because I have had a history of them all being low resulting in iron and blood transfusions for the anemia. I would definitely suggest getting your levels checked before pregnancy and several times during. 

    I have had pretty much every complication you can have from RNY even with taking good care of myself so I have been hypervigilant since I became pregnant with twins.

    I have also kept the weight off, was 275 and pre-pregnancy was 142. I had RNY in 2004. I would probably be lower with the skin coming off but insurance refused to cover so I have a lot of excess skin in my mid section and thighs as I was always big in those areas.

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