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Bleeding 4 weeks pregnant

Has anyone had bleeding at the time of their bfp.  I was positive my period was here but it's day 3 (period would be 4 days early if that' the case) and the bleeding is extremely light! I don't think it's implantation bleeding because it's on day 3 now but it's not as heavy as a normal period. No tampons needed and 1 liner is only 1/4 full after a full day. Bleeding is brown or light red. Usually i pass a lot of clots/lining but nothing this time. Hoping to get bfp tomorrow morning! I would test tonight but I drank a ton of water so likely to dilute. I have been ttc for 7 monthes and I swore this month I caught but now I have this light bleeding. Someone give me hope so I can sleep tonight!

Re: Bleeding 4 weeks pregnant

  • QFP. This is not the place to ask this question. 
  • @BusinessWife ooh. Good tip! I didn’t realize melatonin had good ttc effects. 
  • @BusinessWife Can we talk about melatonin?  I have ISWTE and have not made it to that chapter yet. However, I’ve read articles (likely not legit studies) on how melatonin can disrupt hormones negatively and it isn’t really FOR sleep (just made in the darkness), etc etc. 

    I guess I don’t know what my question is other than have you heard of melatonin not being safe nor actually natural?

  • @jrm_14, melatonin and some autoimmune issues don't mix well.  It makes my head vuzz and jerks me awake when I have tried it.

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  • @holly321 Huh. I never did well with it (worse sleep, actually). Never would have thought it could be connected to that. 

    @zamora_spin @BusinessWife Thank you! 

    @SkilledSailor ((Hugs))

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