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Levels after Miscarriage

Hi everbody,
I was curious if these levels are normal after a miscarriage? We found out with HPT that we were preggo on 11/22.
Got labs done and was told on the 26th that I had miscarried. Approx. 4 weeks
I have been spotting/bleeding since 11/19 is this normal and are these ranges ok for 10 days after miscarriage? 
Thank you in advance. 

Re: Levels after Miscarriage

  • Levels can vary, and not everyone's levels drop the same. As long as the numbers continue to go down, you should be fine. Depending on how far along you were, it can take days or it can take months for the level to get down to 0. It can take months for your body to regulate after a MC.

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  • With a d&c, I think it usually takes at around 2 weeks for levels to normalize.   I may be thinking incorrectly, but I think natural miscarriage can take even longer.

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  • I am not sure what is normal but I just had a miscarriage on dec 19th level was 2500 the day or so before day after I passed the baby the level was 450 today a week after that lab my level is 14. My dr is surprised that they dropped that quickly 
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