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Please vote!

I’m getting very close to the due date, and DH just wants me to be happy with this baby’s name, and I wish I could be 100% certain. So poll time! We have an Anna, Wyatt, and baby boy is due soon. Luke? or Henry? Help me please! Naming animals is so much easier then babies! 

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  • I like Luke, and think it sounds nice with his siblings.
  • I like Lucas over Henry, but Henry over Luke. 
  • Henry
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  • Luke
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  • Luke!  I like how it fits with your sibset, but you can't go wrong with either choice. 
  • Use both 'Luke Henry' or Lucas Henry
  • Agree with using Lucas Henry or Henry Lucas. They sound great together. If I had to choose, I’d go with Lucas. 
  • Luke
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