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GTKY: Stolen from WTO - What is the worst gift you've ever received?
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Re: TWW Wednesday 12/6

  • elothairelothair member
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    Month/Cycle: 9/14

    CD/DPO: 28/5 or 6

    Typical LP Length: 12

    Timing: Only missed -2

    Testing: Sunday

    R/R: Rave: Going out with a friend tonight and after all the talk of Thai food yesterday in on of my threads I am pushing for Thai. No rants today - I feel like I've been relatively rant free lately which is unusual for me - I'm chalking it up to being the holiday season!

    CS/Q: Still temping as I'm afraid to get out of the habit!

    GTKY: Stolen from WTO - What is the worst gift you've ever received? My ex-bf before DH whom I dated for about 6 years gave me a giant sword for one of our first Christmases. He was super into fancy knife/sword displays and thought I would like to own my very own part of the collection. It was shaped sort of like a dragon with a bunch of purple stones in it. Needless to say when we broke up I let him keep it.

    ETA: Spoiler for pic
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  • Month/Cycle: 6/6 (I keep checking to see if that's correct, ugh)

    CD/DPO: 21/4

    Typical LP Length: 13 days

    Timing: Gave it more than the good college try

    Testing: Nein

    R/R: Question for you ladies: Have you told your friends and family that you are TTC? I have not told anyone except a couple of close friends but now I'm at month 6 and am thinking of telling parents/in laws. I'm conflicted though. I would love more support but I don't need more questioning and opinions from family which I know I would get. Thoughts?

    CS/Q: Nothing. I ovulated, yay!

    GTKY: A guy I dated in college gave me alapaca fur pillows, one with a lion, the other with a lioness on them. God they were ugly and he was a horrible gift giver. Had to pretend to like them. They looked very similar to this:
  • *lurking from WTO*
    @jaylii i am dying at that alpaca - lion pillow. That is soooo funny to me.
    As for the telling family / friends.. if you feel you need support, maybe pick a couple of people who you know will be willing to give that support without asking questions etc. Previously I've told a couple REALLY close friends. DH told his mom.. I would rather stab myself in the eye then tell my mom because she is a question factory. 
  • @kristah2 Thanks for answering the telling people question. I feel like I will regret telling my parents and ILs. Love them but yes, I think they will ask a lot of questions and assume I'm pregnant/say stupid shit everytime I see them. I thinking of telling a close friend when I see her next week, but am unsure. She's an old, good friend, but doesn't handle emotions real well. Decisions decisions
  • jrm_14jrm_14 member
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    @jaylii At first, I told my super close friends (2-3+the internetz aka TB) and my sister. I’m glad I’ve had those people to lean on. Slowly, I’ve told more and my team at work knows (we are super close). I’m glad I told my sister (plus she’s one of my BFFs) TW kids in spoiler
    She was knowledgeable about TTC as she has kids. Additionally, she recently got a BFP. If she hadn’t know we had been TTC and told us her news in a supportive and empathetic way, I would have been a giant effing mess.  Especially now as we head to the RE. 
    I told my mom a while back because I needed her history for ObGYn paperwork. We told both sets of parents about the RE & TTC recently. I cannot handle any more backhanded comments from MIL so we told them so hopefully they back off. However, she texted Mh yesterday & said, “so, you don’t want me to tell the news to other people?”  Uh, it’s not news. It’s my effing uterus and emotions, lady.  

    For the the most part, people have been supportive. People always have comments that hurt. And when my parents didn’t respond well, I was so torn up. However, it has been worth it so my other friends & sister can be supportive. 

    Whatever you decide, we are here for you!

    Eta: sorry for the long answer. And when I told IL’s, I told them I was telling them because I didn’t want to hear about having grandkids anymore, especially during the holidays, and as we have updates and are ready to share, we will do so on our terms. (I’m kind of a bitch.....  :D )

  • @jrm_14 Thank you for the answer! You're lucky to have your sister there for support. I have a sister but she is an adult with disabilities so we don't have a traditional adult sister relationship. I'm also sick of the back handed comments from my Mom, MIL and FIL. Guess my dad knows to shut up. That man has always been on my side, haha I swear if I get comments this holiday season I may say something like "please stop, those comments make me feel bad" or something like that. Maybe that will give them a clue?!
  • @elothair Yum! Thai sounds good. Good job on minimal rants lately!
    @jaylii Yay for O!!
    Month/Cycle: 6/7+1ntnp
    CD: No clue. 
    Timing: Sucked. 
    Testing: Nope
    Typical LP length: 10-12. 
    R/R:  I had a healthy start to the day and ate a good breakfast!  I am *almost* caught up on charting at work. The system update has not been nearly as awful as we all anticipated. RE appt in 5 days!
    GTKY:  I truly can’t think of any really awful gifts. I hate to put t out there, but Mh doesn’t usually hit the target with gifts. I asked for a purse & wallet for Christmas and showed him what I liked. He got me something totally different. A lot of what he picks out is what I want (ex: purse, wallet, phone cover, pants) but usually not what I like. Yup, I’m a bitch.  
    However, I think one of the worst gifts I have received was a Starbucks set from bother & sil. Why?  Because they put not thought into it, felt obligated, and were emerald jerks that year with gifts. I would MuCH rather revive something off-target from MH that he tried SO hard than a gift from them they don’t even give a shit about. 

  • jrm_14jrm_14 member
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    @jaylii I’d totally say something like that!  

    Eta: I don’t know if you have other siblings. I’m guessing your sister will not have children. Being a sibling of an individual with a disability is difficult let alone if the pressure is all projected onto you to have kids. 

  • I guess I kind of belong here

    Month/Cycle: 15/19

    CD/DPO: I don't remember/its O day

    Typical LP Length: 13-14 days

    Timing:-5, -2, O

    Testing: I have a beta on the 20th

    R/R: Its supposed to be my egg retrieval day, but instead my cycle got canceled and thats vaguely depressing me


    GTKY: Stolen from WTO - What is the worst gift you've ever received? I am not sure actually, I'd have to think about that
    Started TTC #1 August 2016
    Diagnosed Unexplained IF/Poor Responder
    6 med/IUI cycles failed
    IVF #1 December 2017- canceled d/t poor response
    IVF #2 January 2018- 4 frosties and a BFP! EDD 10/8/18

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  • jayliijaylii member
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    @jrm_14 ALL the attention and expectation is on MH and I to have kids. MH is an only child. I have a brother and a sister. My sister will never have kids. My brother has had a lot of issues and we don’t have a good relationship. I don’t think he’ll have kids/ hope he doesn’t. So yeah, my kids will have no first cousins which is a bummer. 

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  • mrs_drc_rnmrs_drc_rn member
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    @elothair Have fun tonight! I’ve been craving pad Thai lately. Haha so nice of him to get you something that HE likes. ::eye roll::

    @jaylii I’ve shared with friends and family, and also some coworkers. It is nice to have the support, but it’s also difficult sometimes because you always feel like people are looking at you and waiting for you to say your KU. Maybe just start with your parents and be clear that you’re really looking for support and maybe don’t want a ton of questions right now? Also, those pillows are pretty bad!

    @jrm_14 FX for a good RE appointment! I think you need to just make an amazon wishlist for YH to follow. I might start doing that for DH as well!

    @kiwi2628 why was your cycle cancelled? I’m so sorry, sending hugs! 

    Month/Cycle: 14/6 (benched after a myomectomy)

    CD/DPO: 31/12

    Typical LP Length: 11

    Timing: Not good enough apparently. 

    Testing: BFN yesterday. 

    R/R: AF hasn’t showed up yet, so I’m really curious to see if I get a 12-day LP this cycle. The only thing I’ve done different this cycle stop working out, so maybe I’ll start scaling back and see if my LP lengthens? Hoping I can get my butt to the gym tonight because it’s been forever!

    CS/Q: Nothing to see here. 

    GTKY: Stolen from WTO - What is the worst gift you've ever received? I had an ex-BF give me a used Nintendo and a bunch animal figurines, like the ones that look like they’d be kids toys. 
  • Lurking from WTO

    @jaylii We told a good amount of friends and family except H's parents because they are the type to say inconsiderate things (without meaning to). Overall I'm happy with our decision. No one asks us "when are you going to have kids". I've also been pretty candid about seeing an RE and using clomid this month. 

    Me: 28   H:30
    TTC #1 Since 5/17
    BFP 7/14/17 - CP
    RE Dx: MFI, Unilateral Tubal Blockage
    12/17 - Clomid + TI
    BFP 12/22/17 - EDD 9/3/18
  • @jaylii We’re in the same boat: I’m an only child and DH’s brother passed away a few years ago so it’s just us. My MIL makes comments here and there, but overall they don’t ask us too many questions. 
  • @jaylii We haven't told anyone other than my mom, sister, and off - and only because they pointedly asked me if we were and I didn't want to lie to their face! I didn't want it to be public knowledge if we couldn't get pregnant and **TW - kids:
    because we already have 2 kids I know a lot of our family/friends think we're nuts for wanting another 

    @jrm_14 Woohoo for breakfast of champions! I had leftover oatmeal and it was awful.

    @kiwi2628 I'm sorry your cycle got cancelled!

    @mrs_drc_rn Sorry for the BFN. 

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  • @mrs_drc_rn Have you tried drinking red raspberry leaf tea to help your LP? I've been drinking it for a couple of months and like it. I buy the brand traditional medicinals off amazon. I decided to start drinking it to see if it would help my heavy periods. I had a period that wasn't such a bear last cycle so it may be doing something. 

  • @jaylii I bought some but I haven’t been drinking it consistently. I didn’t even think that it might help my LP. I’ll have to start having a cup every day, thank you for the suggestion! 
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    @elothair I can see where you ex was coming from l, trying to include you in his passion. But, yeah I wouldn’t have enjoyed it either. DH got his grooms party swords as their gifts, made for some fun pictures!
    @jaylii I think most of my family assumed we’re trying after the MC but the only person who’s asked is my mom. A couple close friends know. Normal circumstances I didn’t tell, but it wasn’t a lengthy process before.
    @jrm_14 My DH isn’t great at gifting either I give him pretty specific options to avoid my being upset. Which happened a few Christmas’s ago.
    @mrs_drc_rn Hopefully it’s just to soon for you to turn a test. Sorry for the BFN
    **TW**@jaylii  and @mrs_drc_rn I’d research the safety of RRL in your TWW. It can cause uterine contractions so may increase risk of Spontaneous MC. It’s safe in WTO to my knowledge though. eND TW**

    Month/Cycle: 4/4(2/2 AL)

    CD/DPO: 28/11

    Typical LP Length:11

    Timing: -3, 0 SO MEH

    Testing: Two BFN's will retest tomorrow if no AF 

    R/R: Rave-I have an awesome friend that is working to become a crossfit trainer, she know I can't afford CF or PT but offered to work with me once a week since we go to the same gym. She changed up how I do things today and it allowed me to up my weights. I really feel like my w/o was so much more effective. She's going to slowly add in more full body moves and replace my isolation moves. Rant-I haven't been sleeping well at all this week, so I'm exhausted.

    CS/Q: Naw I quit temping

    GTKY: Stolen from WTO - What is the worst gift you've ever received? I can't think of anyting specific. However, we used to draw names out of a hat for my dad's side of the family. He's one of 5 and there are a number of grand kids and a few great grands. I never minded if one of my cousins got my name but all my aunts and uncles give pretty unusual stuff. We just do gifts for kids now thankfully.

    Me: 34 DH: 46
    Oct TTGP Sig Challenge: Animals in costumes

    DSS: 19

    DSD: 16

    DS: 3(Nov'14)


    MC: 1/18

  • @kindbytealikat I do remember reading that, thanks for the reminder. I’ll stick to drinking it while WTO. Glad you had a good workout! I’ve always wanted to try CF but felt really intimidated by it. 
  • @kindbytealikat @jrm_14 I now give MH a list every christmas that has the item name, image, price, and what store to find it for everything I want. I did it one year after getting most of the items on my list, but not the right stuff (ie. wrong chapstick, etc.) in hopes it would help. He now takes the list to stores and hands it over, lets the employees collect everything, and just has to pay. He says it's a huge help even though I feel ridiculous making it every year and feel like I've maybe gone a bit overboard on the anal retentiveness around my product loyalties!
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  • Month/Cycle: 1/1

    CD/DPO: 27/10

    Typical LP Length: 12

    Timing: 4, -2, 0

    Testing: Friday 

    R/R: I had the worst day at work yesterday - and then I dropped my phone and cracked the screen towards the end of the day! Was literally emotionally drained, still packed a.couple boxes. Will have to go and get a new phone after work today - it was due anyway. Today has bern good, got in at 7 am, was productive, and won  prize in my speech group at work :) I am having AF cramps though so 99.9% sure I'll be heading to WTO on Fri/Sat so a tad bummed.

    CS/Q: nope

    GTKY: no 2 pencils for my 9th birthday :p
    <3 Me: 28 DH: 29
    <3 Married since 2012 dating since 2005.
    <3 Golden Retriever girls (8) and (3), orange feral rescue tabby (1).

    Finally TTC#1 as of 11/2017!
    Thryoidectomy 2007, PCOS, disordered proliferative endometrium.
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