1st Trimester

Bloat to Baby Bump

Hey all, I’m 4 weeks and 5 days pregnant and very bloated. Just wondering if the bloating typically subsides before the baby bump appears or should I expect my clothes to be tight until I buy I new ones? I know everyone is different, just want to know what your experiences were. 

Re: Bloat to Baby Bump

  • I remember feeling bloated pretty well right away and all through first tri. I think I got a hint of a legit bump around 14-16 weeks. I started wearing maternity pants early - 10 or 11 weeks? - bc the bloat was unbearable! 
  • I bloat the 1st trimester. Typically start showing a bump around 16/20 weeks for me.
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    Generally by the time the bloat goes down, a real bump replaces it. No in between.
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