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GTKY: Your favorite natural products

It seems like many of us are trying to make some major lifestyle changes on this TTGP journey, especially with all the recommendations in It Starts with the Egg. So tell us, what are your favorite natural products? They can be beauty items, household goods, or even foods that we might not expect. Feel free to edit your recommendations as you remember items or try new products.

Me: 34 DH: 27
TTC since June 2016

Azoospermia diagnosis (zero count) Dec 2016

AZFc chromosome microdeletion discovery March 2017
Unsuccessful TESE for DH in August 2017
October IVF with donor sperm
29R, 24M, 16F, 2d5, 4d6 (6 embryos total)
Only 3 could have PGS. 2/3 normal. 5 sweet embies frozen
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Re: GTKY: Your favorite natural products

  • AlohaKumuAlohaKumu member
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    I’m going to be adding to this list as I remember different products. I’ll also include links to the retailers, in case you are looking for more info on any of these. I pretty much just bought up everything from Avalon Organics at my local grocery store, since I saw so many recommendations online. I ended up liking most of the products and sticking with them.

    Shampoo and conditioner: Avalon Organics lavender and Honest orange vanilla. I also bought the Honest detangler. I like the Honest better in terms of manageability, but there has been a lot of news about them possibly not being as natural as they claim, so I try to use Avalon Organics, unless my hair is really in shambles.

    Body wash: Avalon Organics lavender or the Honest orange vanilla

    Hand soap: Avalon Organics lemon (it smells soooo good)

    Deodorant: Native coconut and vanilla. (full disclosure: if you are a new customer and use that link to buy, both of us get a free travel size.) I never thought natural deodorant would cut it in a warm climate, but the regular has worked really well and it smells fantastic. (I bought one of the sensitive kind, too, just in case I had a reaction, but so far the regular one has worked.)

    Sunscreen: for now, I’m using a local brand, but I have a list of others to try when I run out

    Chapstick: Beesential lavender lemon. This stuff is the best and it doesn’t dry out your lips if you stop using it for a few days.

    Toner: Avalon Organics balancing toner

    Face Wash: Avalon Organics cleansing gel

    Cups: Contigo cups. I love pretty much every variety they’ve sold over the past few years.

    Storage: Snapware set. (I got mine at Costco when they had a sale.)

    Breakfast bars: Okay, I need some help with breakfast. I do love cooking, but somehow breakfast always seems to get away from me. I like the Belvita biscuits, but I know they have lots of preservatives. I've been trying out some of the Kind breakfast bars, but if anyone has suggestions for other natural stuff, please share!

    Me: 34 DH: 27
    TTC since June 2016

    Azoospermia diagnosis (zero count) Dec 2016

    AZFc chromosome microdeletion discovery March 2017
    Unsuccessful TESE for DH in August 2017
    October IVF with donor sperm
    29R, 24M, 16F, 2d5, 4d6 (6 embryos total)
    Only 3 could have PGS. 2/3 normal. 5 sweet embies frozen
    FET scheduled for December 15
    ~*~*~Nevertheless, she persisted~*~*~
  • @AlohaKumu Larabars are really clean and tasty. I know some people like RX bars, but personally I find them way too chewy. I’m not a fan. But sometimes for easy breakfast I’ll pre-make egg muffins or sweet potato crust quiche and eat on that for the week.
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  • Body Wash: I just use bar soap. Good JuJu Herbal. 

    Bath Salts, bug spray: Lo & Behold 

    Make-Up: Pacifica 

    Cleaners: My mom gave me this book of natural household cleaners. It's called The Organically Clean Home. 

    Will be back to add more. 
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  • redlikemeredlikeme member
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    I'm pretty crunchy already and most of the stuff I use come from Petit Vour. I'd recommend their subscription box if you want to start building a more natural beauty regimen.

    Body wash and sometimes shampoo: Dr. Bronner's castille soap, they also make a pretty decent hand sanitizer
    Shampoo and conditioner: right now using Avalon organics
    Deodorant: I'm allergic to the baking soda in natural deodorants so right now I'm trying Meow Meow Tweet. Have also had success with Scmidt's deoderant for sensitive skin. The Takesumi Detox deoderant works pretty well but it's difficult to get used to the wet texture of it
    Lip balm: coconut lip balm by Metta skin care
    Serum: the hero oil by Poetic Blend
    Face wash: green apple brightening gel cleanser by Juice Beauty
    Exfoliate: I use a konjac sponge with my cleanser in the morning and it's changed my skin. I think you can buy them from the drugstore for a dollar or so
    Toner: balancing face mist toner by Mullein and Sparrow 
    Moisturizer: Chamomile and rosehip calming day cream by pai skincare
    Perfume: Tsi-La Organics
    I haven't been wearing much makeup lately but for lipstick Axiology is my favorite and mascara from Ilia beauty

    Cleaning-wise: if you mix dish soap with baking soda until it forms a paste and spread it over counters or the tub, wait for a few minutes and then wipe it away it does such a good job.I actually prefer it over commercial cleaners. I use baking soda and distilled vinegar for most of my cleaning, honestly, though I'm still searching for a laundry detergent that works well.

    This is my go-to all purpose cleaner recipe:
    1 cup water, 1 cup distilled white vinegar, and 10-20 drops of tea tree oil

    Breakfast: I hate breakfast and I'm always so nauseous in the morning but overnight oats is pretty much the best way to get a bunch of nutrients. I use steel cut oats, almond milk, chia seeds, some sort of fruit (usually blueberries or cherries), a spoonful of peanut butter, and cinnamon and then just put it in the fridge overnight and grab it when I head out in the morning. There are a tons of recipes online if you're interested. 

    I think that's it! But I'll edit if I think of anymore.

  • I try and make my own when I can.  I use corn starch mixed with Coco powder for dry shampoo.  I use vinegar (and when I feel less lazy, I add essential oils) as a cleaner.  I usually make my own deodorant from coconut oil and baking soda, but will occasionally buy Schmidt's.  

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  • jrm_14jrm_14 member
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    Cleaning- Norwex. I have the wet, dry, & tile mop pads. I also have several of the cleaning cloths. The diamond paste is amazing to clean anything. I love that I can use just vinegar & water and everything still get clean. I admit, occasionally I still use Lysol wipes for raw meat on the counter & illnesses.
    Makeup- Pacifica. @SkilledSailor recommended this to me!  While it isn’t full coverage, I have the BB cream, lip tint, and the color palet (link in spoiler). They also have lotions, bath stuff, etc. 
    Pacifica Solar Complete Color Mineral Palette -- 0.8 oz
    Soap/lotion- Bath & Body Works Pure Simplicity line is paraben, phthalates, bpa, petroleum, and gluten free. I have the Rose Water.  I don’t typically use much soap, though will sometimes put this in my bath if I want a little extra scent. 
    ZUM anything. It has laundry detergent, bath stuff, lotions, everything. 
    Link in spoiler. 
    On-the-go/easy food- Amy’s- While I try not to buy premade food much, my go-to is Amy’s Kitchen, if possible. Link in spoiler. 
    Food Storage/Transport- I am not sure picky about my glass food storage brands, etc. I do miss bento-style containers. I found these glass ones and asked for them for Christmas!
    [3-Pack] Glass Meal Prep Containers 3 Compartment - Food Storage Container Set with Airtight Locking Lids with Cutlery Compartment - Portion Control - Microwave, Freezer, Oven & Dishwasher Safe

    @AlohaKumu @lalala2004 I’m a fan on Lara bars (just make sure you don’t get any chocolate ones if you’re trying to stay ‘clean’er). My sister likes RX bars- they make me want to barf. 

  • @KristoKekerooni Many Times, I bath in eposolm salt & don’t use soap. No judgement here. 

  • Sorry for the extra post-
    @AlohaKumu I make egg/veggie muffins, granola bars, oatmeal muffins, or energy bites for breakfast for Mh & I using as natural/organic/whole grain ingredients as possible. Additionally, in all but the egg cups, I add 2-4 T if each ground flax and chia. I usually reduce the oats by 1/4c so they’re not too dry. Links in spoiler.  I cut up berries and put them on top or mix in before I bake instead of chocolate sometimes. I also add berries or dried fruit.  MH will eat these. I don’t remember what it calls for, but I use cashews. 

    I sub almond butter for PB a lot, too

  • I use Dr Bronners all in one Wash.. They make tons of products!
  • @lalala2004 Thanks for the suggestion on the Larabars. I'll have to check them out!
    @SkilledSailor I definitely want to look up more natural makeup options. I use Bare Minerals as a light powder every morning, but I know they aren't natural.
    @KristoKekerooni I really tried to use dry shampoo and all sorts of combos of the baking soda/apple cider vinegar stuff, but my hair simply isn't having it. (I also have really long hair, so I know that makes it harder.) But I like your soap trick!
    @tamalahoops Thanks for sharing the soap suggestion. (The coconut + lemon option sounds like it would smell amazing when unscented wasn't needed.)
    @redlikeme The Native deodorant now has a sensitive option that's baking soda free! I'm definitely going to check out that subscription box.
    @holly321 That's awesome that you make so many of your own products. I'll usually use the baking soda/vinegar method for most cleaning, but the stovetop can be tricky.
    @jrm_14 I love everything you posted!!! I'm going to check out those recipes, too.
    @ndz2018 I have friends who swear by Dr. Bronners, so I'm going to look into that as an option, too.
    Me: 34 DH: 27
    TTC since June 2016

    Azoospermia diagnosis (zero count) Dec 2016

    AZFc chromosome microdeletion discovery March 2017
    Unsuccessful TESE for DH in August 2017
    October IVF with donor sperm
    29R, 24M, 16F, 2d5, 4d6 (6 embryos total)
    Only 3 could have PGS. 2/3 normal. 5 sweet embies frozen
    FET scheduled for December 15
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  • ndz2018ndz2018 member
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    @AlohaKumu a big bottle lasts us forever it’s about $17-$20 for a 32oz bottle I think.. I love the Lavendar One. They sell it at target and Walgreens 
  • @AlohaKumu , Yeah, I have really oily, long hair, so it doesn't work super well, but it gets me between washes at least!
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