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Weekly Randoms- 12/4

What's going on this week?  I had gushers for breakfast, but now feel gross!

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Re: Weekly Randoms- 12/4

  • @mileswithmyles kids are hilarious! I'm sorry you are still so pukey :-(. Is there a certain time of day that's worse for you? 
  • @cups4 happy birthday!
  • @holli0801 and @rachelg777 that sounds frustrating. On my end I keep getting told that I look huge, and I’m obviously pregnant, when I still haven’t gotten into maternity clothes, and I haven’t gained weight on the scale yet. So that’s just fat you’re commenting on from before conception, so thanks! /eyeroll
  • @ivyvines6 what the hell? You don’t look huge by any means (per HDBD) and that’s just rude. 
  • holli0801 said:
    @ivyvines6 what the hell? You don’t look huge by any means (per HDBD) and that’s just rude. 
    Thank you! I’m a ballet instructor though, so people feel more comfortable with being hyper critical of other’s bodies in that atmosphere.
  • @ivyvines6 yeah... that' isn't cool.

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  • @cups4 happy birthday!!

    Ok I need advice.  So I am scheduled for a fetal echo-cardiogram as part of the work-up in FL the last week of Dec.  My MFM wants me to get an echo and referred me to a place here.  I called the MFM office just now and asked if I needed to do both or could just do the one in FL.  The nurse came back on to tell me the doctor said she thinks it's too early for me to be going to FL already and that she might still want me to do one here.  Would you just do one or do both?  Insurance covers if there is a pre-auth and if it's medically necessary.  If they are too close together I am afraid insurance would try to deny one as not being necessary.  But they want me to go ahead and call the one here to make an appt because they apparently fill up fast and said I could cancel later.  What would you do?

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  • I’d call the insurance and clarify what they will cover. If you get pre auth for them both you are okay, but I wouldn’t want to get stuck with that bill! 

    Remind me why why they were sending you to Florida in the first place? If you can get the same test done locally, why was the referral made to Florida originally? 
  • @holli0801 They didn't refer me to FL.  I decided to go on my own because that's where I found the CDH specialist.  They want to do tests there themselves regardless, so I would rather do them there if that is where I will deliver.

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  • @sparklingdiamond I’d do both if possible. Like others said, call your insurance. If you can only do one, do it down in FL. 
  • @sparklingdiamond Its the same test, right? I would just do one test locally, you could always send the results to FL if you wanted a second opinion 
  • @holli0801 I have to do it in FL regardless, which is why I lean more towards doing it there.  They want all the testing done there even if I have already had the tests.  So I am currently scheduled for four different appts when I go the 26-27.

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  • @sparklingdiamond oh sorry I misread and thought it was the local place that wanted you to do them there regardless. 
  • @sparklingdiamond I would go ahead and schedule both and then cancel one if you need to.
  • Season premiere of vanderpump rules in 20 minutes!

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