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Name too similar to cousin's?


My husband and I are expecting a boy next Spring. We really like the name Lucas; however, my husband's cousin just had a baby boy and named his kid Luke. They'll be about 6 months apart. We don't see them very often, although we live close enough (once or twice a year), but he has a big family and I can see everyone frowning upon our choice. He's Luke David and my kid would be Lucas Brody (I would not call him Luke, by the way).

What do you guys think? Too close? Shouldn't matter?

As a background, I'm originally from Brazil and wanted to stay away from very Americanized first names because I know my non-English speaker family won't be able to pronounce it.

Re: Name too similar to cousin's?

  • I wouldn’t, bc I am pretty close to my cousins...

    But, if you don’t see them that often, it isn’t a huge deal... but I would be aware that he could end up going by Luke eventually... whether you call him that or not. NN’s sometimes just happen. So if that bothers you, I wouldn’t do it. 
  • That’s a tough one, but I probably wouldn’t go with Lucas. 
  • Personally, I wouldn’t. If it was a friend, I would say go for it. You never know how long friends will be in your life (sad to say).  But since it’s family, they will grow up together. I would look for another name. 
  • Personally, I wouldn't. 

    If your kids will have the same last name and attend the same school district, I would strongly suggest a different name.
  • If they don’t live in the same school district and you see them once a year.... choosing Lucas would be fine is you are tough enough to not care what everyone says.  The main thing stopping me would be fear of people not liking it but it would be sad to avoid the name you really love in order to please others!
  • They would not have the same last name.
  • Oh and they are not in the same school district either!

    And that's the thing... we really like the name and it's so hard to find a name that sounds good in English and Portuguese. We had no idea that we both liked the "same" name until I went to her baby shower and she said Luke would be his name. Again, we are not close, we don't hang out together. Only Facebook family, you know? =P

  • Yea that really stinks that they chose Luke and had the baby first because now you’ll feel like you are “copying” but if you can keep a thick skin to any comments I’d say just go for it
  • I don’t think you can do it unfortunately. They are essentially the same name. 
  • kimikimi said:
    I don’t think you can do it unfortunately. They are essentially the same name. 
    But why can’t cousins have the same name? I have a few sets in my (big) family with same name that live in same state and see each other maybe once a year... these are family names though so it is a bit different.  
  • way too close
  • My kids have 2 Henrys and 3 Jasons cousins (big family) we are all very close. There has never been a problem. Go for it if you love it
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