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GTKY: What does your holiday tradition look like? If you don't celebrate Christmas, what do you celebrate and how? 
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  • @elothair - yay for turning an OPK!!!
    Me: 37 DH: 40
    Married: 2016
    BFP #1 4/23/18, blighted ovum 5/29/18
    BFP#2 7/14/18, EDD 3/27/19
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  • @Avrilmai Get it, girl!  Go catch those goals you set!  Nice work going to the gym after work today. Go relax after that  <3
    @catlady2015 Stockings the day after Christmas?  Odd..... 
    @elothair There is something about being awake and taking in everything on Christmas morning before it all starts that elicits all the feels (one way or the other).  Yay for +opk

  • @darkstar42 Kitty GIFs from friends make everything better  <3 What FitBit did you get?!  Mine has opened my eyes to my sleep habits. 

  • @darkstar42 a friend gave me her fitbit last Saturday,(she stopped using it ages ago) it has been fascinating to watch the sleep and heart rate data and it definitely keeps me motivated. Happy Birthday to you!
    @jrm_14 sorry you're in a bad mood. Hope the weekend brings a better mood. 
    @CraftyG waiting an hour in the cold sounds like a terrible way to start the day...hope it gets better
    @catlady2015 I'm with the other ladies, stockings the day after seems odd 
    Me: mid 30s DH: early 30s
    TTC 10/2016

    "Some days are diamonds, some days are rocks,
    some doors are open, some roads are blocked" 
  • @jrm_14 @Avrilmai I got the alta hr! They had a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale, so I splurged. :) It's been so long since I've worn a wristwatch that it's taking a bit to get used to!
    @jsnakehole Establishing new holiday traditions with a partner is lovely. I hope you two find some that you like!
  • @SkilledSailor My first night on letrozole was like that too! Hope your body adjusts quickly and you can sleep better tonight. I love that your Christmas eve gifts are activities! What a wonderful tradition. I'm happy to be fitbit friends! I've been awful about keeping up with myfitnesspal as well. I'll pm you my email address so you can add me on there. :)
  • JTroynaJTroyna member
    25 Love Its 10 Comments Second Anniversary Name Dropper
    edited December 2017
    Month/Cycle: 1/1 (Newbie.. ;-)

    CD: 5

    WAYDTGKU: Prenatals, DHA, Metformin (PCOS), OPKs, OvaBoost and charting for now. Not actively trying for a couple months but getting ready. Trying to get familiar with my body.

    R/R: First cycle here... here goes nothing.

    CS/Q: First time user of the WONDFO OPKs. Cycles range from 29-38 days. Planning on starting the 13th day of cycle.

    GTKY: What does your holiday tradition look like? If you don't celebrate Christmas, what do you celebrate and how?  Mostly getting family together and eating a big meal. I work Christmas this year and so celebrating on the 23rd.
  • @melbel0824 Truthfully, it was me that escalated the argument with H. Yes, he was contributing and worsened it.  I’m likely responsible for it, though, because my expectations weren’t met. 
    @SkilledSailor yay for making money!!!  He’s been relatively nice today. I’ve been cold.  Activity gifts sound awesome!  Great idea. 
    @jsnakehole Do either of you have family traditions for the holidays you’ll honor?  I am finding it difficult to make our own ANd balance former ones. I love the French Christmas!  

  • @jrm_14 - My husband and I are in the same boat with needing to create our own new traditions. So far, the only one... we HAVEN'T decorated for Christmas the past 2 years.  :s We just get too busy! I would like to bake cookies, and do stockings. That's a couple of things I did with my family when I was a kid. 
  • @SkilledSailor @darkstar42 you're making me nervous about starting the Clomid, but, if it works, a little lost sleep will be totally worth it!
    Me: mid 30s DH: early 30s
    TTC 10/2016

    "Some days are diamonds, some days are rocks,
    some doors are open, some roads are blocked" 
  • @kimberbeep MH is so deeply rooted in his family traditions, he does not recognize the importance of starting our own. Drives me nuts (and hurts my feelings). Hopefully you will make time to decorate and/or do something else fun!

  • @avrilmai Don't be scared! It's annoying but not the worst side effects in the world. Plus, I tend to have trouble sleeping anyway so the littlest thing can effect that. 

    Me: 28   H:30
    TTC #1 Since 5/17
    BFP 7/14/17 - CP
    RE Dx: MFI, Unilateral Tubal Blockage
    12/17 - Clomid + TI
    BFP 12/22/17 - EDD 9/3/18
  • @catlady2015 Boo for day 1. But hooray for breakfast of champions!
    @Avrilmai Good for you for setting a gym goal and sticking to it - I need to get my butt in gear again but it's so hard to find time!
    @jrm_14 Sorry about the fight - did you make up for it already?
    @CraftyG I hate having to use public transit for that very reason! I have places to be - stay on your schedule!!
    @darkstar42 I totally feel like the double digits for cycles is scary - I'll be there next month if it doesn't happen this cycle and something about it is definitely a mental block for me. I love love love my fitbit - and yes, I get the worst sleep ever and it just confirms that!
    @jsnakehole Woohoo for almost positive OPKs! Good timing with your weekend retreat with DH!
    @SkilledSailor I love that you guys wear matching christmas outfits, that's amazing!! I hope your sleep tonight is better!!
    @JTroyna Finding out the details of what your body is doing from cycle to cycle is so interesting (For me at least) - will definitely be useful when you start actively trying!
    @melbel0824 Yes, the tree lights are so calming and magical on Christmas morning! I have the cheapie OPKs from Amazon and I have to use a cup - peeing right on them wouldn't work. I think it depends what kind you get though - hopefully the instructions for them are clear and tell you what the best way to do it is!
    @kiwi2628 FX so hard for tomorrow! I'm sorry about the needles - hopefully they will be worth it this cycle!!
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  • @kimberbeep Responding to your post in yesterday's thread - yes, birthdays near holidays I do think often get at least sort of lumped in with whatever holiday they align with. **TW - Kids: My DS's birthday is on Valentine's Day so I screwed both my kids over with holiday birthdays. I totally feel like once he has a SO it will suck because he'll be getting them a gift on his birthday! End TW**
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  • Month/Cycle: 16/15


    WAYDTGKU: bbt,cm,opk,hio

    R/R: Put in application to adopt a shelter puppy not sure if we`ll get it lots of people were applying fingers crossed.  :#

    CS/Q: nope

    GTKY: What does your holiday tradition look like? If you don't celebrate Christmas, what do you celebrate and how?  When we visit the in-laws we have a big dinner and celebrate but at home it`s just another day for us.

  • @darkstar42 It`s a shepherd husky mix, he was rescued from a community near James bay.

  • @Stargazer1lily that puppy sounds so cute! We have a 2 year old shepherd but DH is always lusting after huskies. Fx you get approved for adoption!
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