2nd Trimester

Pregnancy Eczema

Has anyone else struggled with pregnancy eczema and found a solution?? Mine started out mild in the first trimester and now it's very severe on my face and neck. Nothing seems to fix it (I've tried all the dermatologist's recommendations) and I want to avoid steroids as long as I can. Thanks! 

Re: Pregnancy Eczema

  • nothing that doesnt include the mild steroids. i also have psoriasis and its been terrible due to hormones and finally got fed up with my legs hurting so bad from it my ob and derm both said some are actually okay during pregnancy and since you usr such a small amount  if you use the external creams. 

    Things to avoid to help though would be hot showers especially hot baths can help dry skin out even more. 

    hope you get some relief soon! 
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