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Cervical shortening....20 weeks

Starting a thread on this because I don't see any recently.

I am 20 weeks pregnant.  I had a LEEP done about 1.5 years ago and then a D&C back in July for a polyp removal in my uterus.  This is my first pregnancy.  I was made aware the possibility for cervical issues due to my LEEP, so I have been getting biweekly cervical length checks from about 14 weeks on. My first check up I was at 4.4cm, two weeks later I was 4.5. At 19 weeks, I measured 2.8.  OB wanted to see me within a week to re-measure.  So yesterday I went in again and again measured 2.8, no better but no worse.  I will be seen weekly from now on until I reach 24 weeks, and as long as it stays stable, they won't do anything. In the mean time, I am just on restricted activity, "taking it easy."

I was really hoping the first 2.8 measurement was wrong, so I cut back on my activity, but was still up and about for the most part.  I was hoping for a longer measurement yesterday and since that didnt happen, I am REALLY going to start cutting back and resting and drinking a ton of water. I know 2.8 is still ok, but the drop is what worries my dr and me.  Cervix shape is still good...no funneling.  They aren't checking dilation as to not irritate the cervix any. 

I'm not stressed, but I'm definitely paranoid.  Today I went back in because I was a lot more "wet" than normal and feared I was leaking amniotic fluid.  That all checked out, but like I said, now I'm paranoid about every little thing. 

Looking for others who have gone through this...what your recommendations are and/or looking for others going through the same thing or dealing with an incompetent cervix at this time. 
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