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Ten Things Tuesday

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  • 1.  Wahoooooo short work week!! (I had to take a vacation day Friday for it, but whatevs)
    2.  Short week next week too due to time off...and the next actually!  We don't get to carry over days, can you tell?
    3. Thanksgiving! With my husband which is like a win win!
    4. We're cutting down our Christmas tree Friday
    5.  I'll be decorating for Christmas Friday/Saturday and I'm pumped!
    6. Holy shit that means next week is officially birthday month!
    7. Amazon prime - between that and Zulily...they're saving me for Christmas shopping!
    8.  Co-workers who are more like great friends 
    9. A potluck at work today.  Diet is on hold this week, guys
    10. TB! I am so so lucky to have you ladies!
  • @princesslockness WOW, that's gorgeous!! I love flower tattoos. And the pinks and purples in this one are so pretty. Great choice!

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