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Do we change from Ticker Change to Due Date Weekly Check-Ins

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In the FFFC thread last week, some members of this group expressed they would like to change from the Ticker Change to a Due Date Weekly Check-In. However, a few other members did express that they like the current format, and not every member regularly posts on FFFC threads.

I think it's only fair that we take a vote from the whole group before we change a format that has been established for several months. Some of us are bonded with our Ticker Change groups and appreciate that we have a smaller pool of people to talk about things with.

Options are below.

Shall we give it 24 hours, and go with the more popular choice?
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Do we change from Ticker Change to Due Date Weekly Check-Ins 48 votes

Keep the current format: Daily Ticker Change Check-Ins
16% 8 votes
Change to Due Date Weekly Check-Ins: Each week, a thread would be started for each week of February, and you post in the thread where your due date falls. (A thread in this format was started today if you'd like to see an example)
83% 40 votes

Re: Do we change from Ticker Change to Due Date Weekly Check-Ins

  • I like the idea of the 4 due date week check-ins. The reason would be because people who all are due within the first week of February would inevitably be going through more of the same things than someone in the same ticker change group with due dates of February 1 and February 21

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  • @sabriel1 I hear you, and I know others feel that way, too. I just want to make sure everyone in the Feb18 group gets a say before a major change is made to the group's structure. :)

    I've already gotten to know the ladies in my Ticker Change thread, and there are some issues I like posting there opposed to the larger threads because they know me better than anyone else in this group. I've enjoyed having a small group of people whose stories I've been able to follow more closely. I think structurally the due date weeks makes more sense, and If it were earlier in our pgs, I wouldn't have any issue with this change. But we're 2/3 of the way through, and I feel like I would be losing my sense of community in this group.
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  • I prefer the Due Date Weekly Check-Ins.
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  • I'm good with either but voted for the weekly
  • I’m in agreement with @precious88. I like the weekly ticker change. I do feel that I’ve bonded a bit with the ladies on my ticker change. But I can see how doing a due date weekly check in would work too. It is what it is... I’m sure we will all adapt either way! 
  • Could we do both, or would that be overwhelming? I like the idea of the due date check-ins in theory, but agree with @precious88 that it feels a little late for such a big change. I've really enjoyed following everyone in my ticker change group's stories so far. Maybe those with tight-knit groups in the current format can keep posting those threads, and we can have a due date thread in addition for those that want to post there.
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  • Friday’s are much change and my busiest day of the week so I never am able to get on. 
    Did we seriously do a poll on this?
  • @TattoosandLace I think I only ever opened my ticket change group thread once this pregnancy. I didn’t realize how important is was to some people. 
  • FWIW this was my FFFC and I feel like I accidentally made a big deal without intending to. I didn't necessarily mean I don't care for it because of how it's set up, it's just not my thing. I don't feel more or less attached to people because of similar due dates or "roll over days" as I call them! 

  • I picked the 2nd option but i do like the ticker change. Having both could be an option too!
  • @the_other_mother I was about to say the same thing. I enjoy my Tuesday ladies but more often than not I totally forgot about that thread.

     I think it would be fun to do the weekly one with those due around the same time. Even if we still do the ticker change.

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  • I'm for either, however I'm a no for both. 
    This place is dead on weekends, but weekdays it's hard to keep up IMO. I think both woukd be too much. 
  • I’m up for changing it to the week you’re due instead of day-of-the-week. There is always almost no one posting in our weekend thread. Including myself this week. I just logged in today (Tuesday) to post my updates from Sunday (I did start it Saturday though). No offense to those who do post a weekend update, I know a few people do each week and there is no obligation anyway, but you gotta admit that thread is always really dead!

     Even if my due week is similarly small/dead, at least we’re all more at the same stage too. But honestly, it’s not that deep so either way will work for me too.
  • I agree with the weekly check-ins. Many of us post in the symptoms and randoms thread, and sometimes it feels like repeat information.
  • I love our Wednesday group but will roll with whatever the majority decides.
    I agree with this! I like the Wednesday group, too, but I feel for those who fall on a much less 'popular' day, and I would agree that it might be more evenly grouped done by week of pregnancy. 
  • I guess to me both isn’t a big deal bc ticker changes are posted everyday. This would only be posted once a week. And my ticker change is always dead. But I can understand those who had more involved richer changes wanting only one. 

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  • Thursday’s group has become kinda dead. I’m for due date style! Ah that means we are all getting closer. Yay.
  • Has a decision been made? Most of us have no where to post this week. My day gets skipped alot, probably because it's a slower day on the board. I think the week by week would be better at this point as we are all farther along and things can change significantly week by week at the end.  But there's also no reason people who have an active day can't keep it,  is there?
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