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  • @kalawa I would cry at that too!!! Geez that is deep. 
    My husband and I also both get all emotional at that commercial for the TiLe or whatever. A dirty panda stuffed animal travels around trying to find it's owner then the little girl's dad finally finds him and gives him back to the little girl. SO MANY FEELINGS. 
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  • Absolutely NO motivation for pretty much anything! I came home "sick" today because I judt didn't want to be there. :) Anyone with me?

    And yes, super emotional too when I see a sappy commercial!
  • Target is selling an upside down Christmas tree for about $1,000 if anyone wants one. 



    Me: 36    DH: 37
    Married: 5.27.16
    Baby Boy Due: 3.18.18
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  • muggle621 said:
    Target is selling an upside down Christmas tree for about $1,000 if anyone wants one. 



    The world is officially topsy-turvy.

    i googled this to try to understand, but now I am 
    left with more questions than answers. The consensus on why this is a thing seems to be "because reasons."
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  • Friday at 4am woke up to what I thought was pink eye. Consulted my ophthalmology and due to symptoms and pictures, he thought allergy eye and rubbing while I was asleep. 
    Started taking saline drops and was instantly better. 

    Sunday rolls around and I start getting tongue cramps on the and (left) side. Weird, but maybe dehydration? 

    This morning tongue cramps are worse, and the lymph noids are swollen on that side. 

    Besides some shoulder pain and a very dull headache... everything is normal. I don’t feel sick and nothing seems to be wrong. 

  • @kalawa that would probably make me weepy too! My most embarrassing cry was from watching the commercial/video my city put out with it's bid to get Amazon's 2nd headquarters. There was nothing remotely tear worthy in the video. I'm also not an emotional person....

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  • @megpeg yikes...kids say the darndest things!! *So* not ready for DD to start talking...!!
  • @megpeg who needs enemies when you’ve got kids with no filter??

    AFM, I am glued to my couch under a sleeping toddler and I am so happy. He never naps anymore and Friday + the weekend were just disastrous unless we were out of the house. There was so much two going on... I hope this is a good reset. 
  • @megpeg, my nephew told me I was too old to be pregnant 
    lol, don’t i feel it, buddy! 
  • @Cowboycorgi those are some interesting symptoms.  Glad you aren't sick.

    @megpeg Lol "just your face!"
  • Well I had my 22 week appt today and another scan since they couldn’t get all the pictures, and he was measuring in the 90th percentile so they wanted to remeasure him too. Well they got the pictures they needed but now he’s measuring in the 95th percentile  :#. So I did my 1 hour glucose today instead of next appt. I would have no worries about passing it because I eat really well, BUT about an hour before my u/s, I drank Mountain Dew to hopefully help them get all the pics they needed. Well now I’m afraid I failed because Mountain Dew plus 50 more grams of sugar not too long after doesn’t sound like a great combo to pass the test. I’ll find out tomorrow :s
  • @DDRRT1982, I ended up going to urgent care after a posted. The lymph under my jaw was so swollen my face looked lopsided and I couldn’t swallow. 

    The doctor couldnt figure it out either as my labs are perfect and negative strep... so he said I probably have a random virus and it should go away. Call my doctor if it gets worse or I spike a fever. Ugh. 

    Now I look weird and still don’t really have anymore answers. 

    @npkat, fingers crossed that the mt dew doesn’t spoil the results. I’ve never passed the 1 hr, but have always passed the 3hr with flying colors. Now I’m wondering if it is because I have drank OJ before my appt with breakfast. 
    Good luck! 
  • @megpeg at least you put on makeup! The older I get the less I do and it's when I need it the most! When I do wear it, it's applied at stoplights on the way to work 
  • @Cowboycorgi I am glad you went in.  I hope it goes away quick.
  • @Cowboycorgi could it be something like Bell’s Palsy? Hopefully it resolves soon whatever it is!

    Re: commercials.. I love the (I believe it is) Chiefs football commercial (and I could care less about football, ha!) where the wife tells her husband he can’t wear the jersey or whatever it is to her family’s dinner and he shows up with his Chiefs Christmas sweater all lit up and blinking. Hahahahaha 

    commercials that make me cry every time: whatever car commercial it is where the boy is supposed to meet a girl (or maybe the other way around) and it’s snowing so they can’t get to one another until they use that car. So sweet. Also the Extra gum commercial where he writes on all the wrappers. And all the Pampers commercials, especially when DD says “Mama we are going to have that baby soon!” Basically... I can’t watch commercials I guess.  :D
  • @Cowboycorgi like @chasingroygbiv I was wondering if it could be Bell’s palsy. I know it’s more common in pregnancy. 
  • @crossfitbabybump how beautiful was it? Did it just feel like it would put you back into your seat? H drove an srt4 when we first met and I loved that little car. We just recently bought a new truck and he’s talking about how he wants to get another srt4 for commuting even though his “commute” is 10 minutes... he just wants a fast car again lol. The truck is v8 but it just doesn’t put you back in your seat like the turbo does. 
  • DS sleep schedule has been so out of whack since the time change happened and I’m so exhausted. DH can’t help me because he has to go to bed early since he has to go into work at 6am every day. So he’s at work or needing to get to sleep for every sleep and wake up. 2 year olds are so much fun :D We’re hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year so I really need to clean my house, BUT here we are laying in bed watching Hercules! 
  • @crossfitbabybump ; I had to Google Hellcats because I couldn't remember what they looked like! My husband and I got to drive 6 figure Porsches a few years ago at a car show near my parents, which was AMAZING. We also got to stand next to a Jaguar that sold for something like 7 million dollars...not as good as sitting in it but it was BEAUTIFUL. MH has a pretty zippy Infiniti and he's said that he needs something more "family-friendly" - I've tried to tell him that it's a sedan and I have the SUV if we need it...I think he just wants something new LOL.

  • @syssa-o - oh boy 707 horsepower I'm sure will put you back! It comes with two keys, too. One is black and one is red. The black key only gives you access to 505 HP while the red one unlocks all the HP! The guy who bought it apparently has bought 3 of them in the last year from the dealership. Okay.. who needs 3 HellCats!? That's just being selfish... lol
  • I just got a bloody nose at work out of NOWHERE, and it dripped on my shirt. I'm wearing a maroon and white striped shirt, and of course it landed on the white stripe. Happy Tuesday!
  • @stlbuckeye132 I’ve been randomly getting nosebleeds for a couple of weeks now! One was right before I was supposed to interview someone for a position at my work.  At least it happened before and not during.  Definitely not fun.
  • I’m so lazy today. I don’t want to do anything except lay on the couch. I’m so glad the kids don’t have homework today bc that means we can be lazy and have way too much screen time. My parents are coming so maybe they can help me bc I’m a lazy bum!
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  • @crossfitbabybump you might want to try it lol! I can't even remember the last time I had a soda.. like years. But of course the day I decide to have one so they can hopefully get all the pictures they needed at the scan, I have to get tested. I was seriously kicking myself last night for it. But my pancreas pulled through for me! haha
  • @npkat - that's great to hear! I don't ever drink soda either.. I kind of want a Sprite now lol
  • Everything I eat today has a weird after taste....please don't let this happen on Thanksgiving baby boy!!
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  • Thanks @crossfitbabybump! Good luck on yours!
  • Everything has been making me cry lately. Especially @gh515 's story about her coworker.

    And OMG! After reading these, I don't think I'm ready for my toddler to start talking! 
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  • That GD test sucked. The drink sucked. I wanted to puke. I felt like total shit after. I will never eat sweets again. You want a cure to sugar addiction, drink that nasty shit. And they only had fruit punch flavor.. which I absolutely hate!
  • @crossfitbabybump ewww that ones the worst. The lemon lime one wasn't the least terrible, then the orange, then the fruit punch.
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  • I haven't booked my glucose test yet but you all are worrying me that it's going to be awful! Also - that coat story gave me all the feels
  • @crossfitbabybump sorry yours sucked! Mine was actually delicious lol.. tasted like orange soda. I did feel weird and shaky about an hour and half after. 
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