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Ugh!! Sonogram finding

So I had my saline sonogram today to check my uterus and they found polyps, I just had a D+C in April to remove a polypy/thickened endometrial lining....they measured about 9.5mm...

anyone else had experience with them and IVF? Did you try without having them removed or did you have a Hysteroscopy or D+C done before starting IVF?

I really don’t want to do another surgery.....;( and then also have to do a retrieval....that’s 2 general anesthesia’s.

Anyone had experience of having the retrieval and the hysteroscopy/D+C, After your retrieval while you’re still under....that would atleast knock them both out at the same time and give me time to heal then before doing a frozen transfer..otherwise I’ll have to do the polyp removal surgery, heal from that, then the retrieval, heal from that....and then transfers...just another long drawn out step to add....DH is getting older and he wants to put a time limit on this....

any input would be appreciated.

Re: Ugh!! Sonogram finding

  • Hi! I’m sorry about your polyps. I know quite a few people on here who have been delayed because of polyps. It’s incredibly frustrating. Hopefully some of them will chime in with advice. 

    I’m interested in your idea to do the hysteroscopy during the ER. I’m going to ask my own RE about that because I may also have a possible polyp and I’d love to not be delayed by an extra cycle.... sorry I can’t be more helpful, but thank you for the idea!
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  • I had two retrievals, then polypectomy, and just now transfer.  I feel like the waiting and all just comes with the territory.  Sorry, I'm pretty sure that's not what you wanted to hear.  But that's exactly what happened with me.
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    @Knottie1436899942 I just found out that we’ll be doing our egg retrieval next cycle(probably start meds beginning of Dec), then late Dec/early Jan I need a minor surgery to remove a septum in which I have To heal and after I’m all healed we’ll be looking at a Feb/ March FET. So I feel The frustration girl!

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  • My doc thought that I had a polyp (still not sure what it is), butbher plan was to remove it during this last retrieval. It was not because of concern of being put o sleep multiple times (I’ve been put out about 9 or 10 times now between retrieval’s and fibroid removals) but to save time towards a transfer. If your doc can/will do it, go for it.

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