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FriYAY Ticker change 11/17

1-How far along are you? How big is baby?

2-How are you feeling?

3-What's going on this week? Any appointments?


If you could exist in one fantasy/sci-fi world (Star Wars, LOTR, etc) which would you pick?
Me:29  DH:33
Married: 3/1/14
TTC #1: 4/16
Dx PCOS (Non IR) 10/16
5mg Femara + Ovidrel + IUI + Progesterone: 11/16 = BFN
5mg Femara + 75 IU Gonal-F + Ovidrel + IUI + Progesterone: 12/16 = BFN
5mg Femara + 150 IU Gonal-F + Ovidrel +IUI +Progesterone: 1/17 = BFN
Preparing for IVF - Birth Control: 4/17 Stims: 5/17 
IVF retrieval 6/17: 21 eggs retrieved, 20 mature.  17 fertilized with ICSI.
7 blasts biopsied for PGS.  6 Healthy Embryos frozen for FET.
FET of 1 embryo 7/12
BFP on 7/17/17 Beta #1 10dpt = 524 Beta #2 12dpt = 1432 US at 5+5 shows healthy baby with heartbeat. Baby girl due 3/30/18 

Re: FriYAY Ticker change 11/17

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  • 1-How far along are you? How big is baby?
    23 weeks, a grapefruit
    2-How are you feeling?
    Tired (2 kids, dog, full time job, growing another human), some pain across my abdomen which my OB said is just stretching and growing, and irritated at a lot of things, other than that I'm really good actually haha.  DH had a pre-interview interview today (to see if he would be "worthy" of them assembling the interview panel I guess) and he's thinking that they will call him for an interview which is fabulous.  He would be working for our church instead of his job in retail hell plus he would have daylight hours instead of nights so I really hope it works out for him/us.
    3-What's going on this week? Any appointments?
    HB check on Tuesday then GD test day after Thanksgiving :|
    I'm also thirsty all the time!  I think it was @crossfitbabybump who mentioned it in symptoms but I'm thirsty all the time which I'm thinking (in my case) is a cross between being pregnant and my auto-immune disease which could cause dryness of eyes and mouth.  I need to up my water intake but I keep forgetting!  I also forgot to pay our water bill until 9 pm the day before it was due and I called, panicked the next day, and the nice lady assured me that it was showing as a pending payment and I wasn't going to be penalized.  Pregnancy brain is real.
    If you could exist in one fantasy/sci-fi world (Star Wars, LOTR, etc) which would you pick?
    Definitely Harry Potter!  I would love to be able to do magic for basic chores
  • 1-How far along are you? How big is baby?
    25 weeks, sweet potato

    2-How are you feeling? 
    Good.  Just still a little tired from running all over Disneyland last weekend. Back in the nesting phase—so ready to put the crib in the baby’s room now that we won’t have company until after baby arrives. ((Hopefully))

    3-What's going on this week? Any appointments? 
    Next appointment is the glucose test the week after Thanksgiving. 

    It's cooling down here—I’m looking forward to the 60’s this weekend. Took a few days off from KT tape on my hips. That was a mistake. They are much better today with the tape. The toddler is in a mood today—he’s either whining, saying no, or crying. I finally gave up and put on Moana and Minnie. I can’t catch up on laundry with him acting like this and then throwing all.the.things in the floor. 

    If you could exist in one fantasy/sci-fi world (Star Wars, LOTR, etc) which would you pick?  
    Hmmm. I’m lame. I loved reading LOTR when I was younger but now I guess I just don’t really care. ((Shrugs)). 
  • @LaurenAnn0405 - yes that’s me! It calmed down a bit so I’m not sure what it was about that day. Still kind of nervous about GD though. Hoping it was just something weird I ate and it’s cold and dry so I was extra thirsty? 
    Maybe set a reminder on your phone to tell you to drink up! Or do you like lemon in your water? I tend to drink more when there’s lemon in mine! 
  • Late lol
    1-How far along are you? How big is baby? 21 weeks, baby is about 4 or 5 days ahead.

    2-How are you feeling? Feel okay, as long as I remember to take my diclegis!

    3-What's going on this week? Any appointments? My a/s was Monday and I finally got a referral for PT for symphisis pubis pain. 

    4-Rants/Raves/Questions: Jesus Christ, everything hurts already!! Hips, leg, pelvis, back... I will take every opportunity to remind this kid how torturous this pregnancy has been compared to its sister, especially if it's a girl lol

    If you could exist in one fantasy/sci-fi world (Star Wars, LOTR, etc) which would you pick? Harry Potter, easy. I'd be Hermione's best friend until we had a huge fight about Ron because she waited until he was with me to realize her feelings but he's already mine!
    Me: 28
    DH: 29
    Married: 7/4/15
    TTC #1 since marriage
    BFP 11/17/15 -- EDD 7/31/16

  • Late to the game this week... we were away in Tennessee for a long weekend. It ended up being our "babymoon" but it wasn't very relaxing lol.
    1-How far along are you? 
    How big is baby?
    25 weeks, size of a baseball glove (any other STM+ moms have to double check how many weeks lol!)
    2-How are you feeling?
    Good! Definitely agree with the hunger thing, and actually for me majorrr sweet tooth. I was a little underweight before getting pregnant but I've already gained close to 30lbs. I really need to keep the snacking in check or find healthier snack choices! Also a ton of pressure, especially if I don't take the time to sit down during the day. I definitely didn't have that this early the first time around.
    3-What's going on this week? Any appointments?
    Ultrasound with MFM on Wednesday and then I should finally have a break from appts for a couple weeks! I feel like all I do is go to the doctor...
    So excited for this holiday season this year!!! @mdfarmchick I'm with you on the intense nesting feeling too! After Thanksgiving we can transition DS1 to his big boy room!!
    If you could exist in one fantasy/sci-fi world (Star Wars, LOTR, etc) which would you pick?
    I'm going to have to be lame and say none? 
  • @scoogy19 I am constantly having to check how many weeks I am, What day of the week it is, if I remembered to shower... :lol: I’m glad I’m not alone in the nesting too! Wish your long weekend had been better though. 
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