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  • @notthefather I LOVE Shemar Moore!  I'm going to start watching his new show just for him.  A friend of mine told me that the show itself isn't that interesting but she watches it on mute just for Shemar :D
  • @ksmwalters I like that Oscar Isaac can sing and play guitar in addition to acting. He's multi-talented :)
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  • cford08 said:
    @ksmwalters those two are the originals lol I'm pretty sure I'd swoon over either of them too. My brown and black men are slowly but surely getting their spotlight! And I'm an equal opportunity swooner so give it up for my runner up Jeffrey Dean Morgan! The dimples got me on Grey's Anatomy, he kept me with eyes on The Walking Dead.

    I mean, he's hot and all, but holyefinghelllllllllll I don't see how he will ever be anything but the scariest motherfoffer alive after his part on TWD.  He just plays it way too well.

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  • @bettyvonsomethingstein have you seen Jeffrey Dean Morgan on Supernatural? Him and Dean are delicious 

  • @Gingermom15, NO! I've never seen that show. I'll have to check it out.  I wonder if it's on Netflix...

    I was bummed when Dermot Mulroney replaced him in Shameless.  JDM with Fiona Gallagher, now *that* woulda been hot stuff!

    ***March '18 October Siggy Challenge: Halloween Costume Fails***

  • @bettyvonsomethingstein I hate myself for being weirdly attracted to Negan on TWD. I know logically he sucks, but he's so sexy... I can't help myself haha
  • @bettyvonsomethingstein whenever he gets really bad on TWD, I just go back to him being Denny and everything is ok  :s :D
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  • I also noticed the past SMA selections lacked both sexiness and color. I mean, Shemar Moore...

    Seriously!!! He's on my top 5 list. If I ever meet him in person, he has no idea what's going to happen to him
  • @antoto, *serious swoon!* That man looks like he was chiseled from perfection! 
  • Yeah that Daniel Henney is fire.....good one @antoto
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  • @ksmwalters SO excited for Crazy Rich Asians!
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  • @antoto SAME! Those books were ridiculously fun.
  • @ksmwalters @antoto, I know nothing of these books... must buy now! 
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