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Recurrent MC next step RE *losses mentioned*

I'm going through another loss as I type this, which is painful and hard just like the rest. After the 3rd loss I went into my OBGYN and discussed all the issues with losing these "babies" in quotations because I was under 6 weeks, so not much development but still a sad loss to have. I went for a ton of testing - I have MTHFR which was discussed, explained and put into my action plan. I also had extremely low progesterone levels which I was given progesterone to get my numbers up. More losses and I ended up switching doctors, thank goodness since when I had some more blood work completed they dropped the vile and never called to tell me (final straw with them). My Dr now is amazing and she wants me full term pregnant so badly - she gave me Femara to get a kickstart on my eggs and hopefully produce a healthy baby. I got pregnant after 4 rounds and decided to take a break - no tracking no pills no supplements nothing. Well went in today for my 8 week sono and found just a sac - the same exact sac from 6 weeks. So another loss yet again. 

Today we discussed going to USF to meet with an RE she highly recommends. Sounds great since I need some knowledge and I want to know what is wrong. Me- my husband - us together, something. So I am looking for some insight, anyone with a similar story? Any success or unsuccessful experiences? I would like to have some information going into this consultation from you ladies. <3

Re: Recurrent MC next step RE *losses mentioned*

  • I had fifteen consecutive losses. 

    Do you know what specifically you've been tested for so far, and do they have theories on possible causes based on results? 
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