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Horrible headaches

Has anyone gotten really bad headaches? I just had a throbbing headache that lasted 24hrs! I’ve never had migraines before and I know headaches can be common in pregnancy, but this was something I’ve never experienced before. With my first child I never had this happen either. I even went to the local drug store to test my blood pressure bc this was unbearable pain and I was really nervous. I’m just wondering if this has happened to anyone else??? 

Re: Horrible headaches

  • I suffered from terrible headaches with my first. I don’t normally get headaches and I believe I had my first bout of migraines during the second trimester. Brutal. My doctor did offer to prescribe something but I never filled it. They eventually eased up. If you’re concerned I would talk to your doctor. This time around hasn’t been that bad. When they creep up I use a cold face mask and most recently I use this cream. Works wonderfully. It also can be used on the feet and legs for swelling. The masseuse I went to for a prenatal massage told me about it.

  • Awesome, thank you so much...I’m buying this cream. I’m dreading another headache like the one I just had. I’m really hoping it doesn’t happen too often, it was brutal
    for sure. 
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  • Call you doctor and let him/her know about them.  They will want to monitor your BP more.  Just because you got one good reading doesn't mean you aren't spiking.
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  • I get headaches pretty frequently. My doctor told me to start taking a couple of extra vitamins as well as to drink a sugar soda when I take my Tylenol. The mix has helped, decrease the severity of the headaches. 
  • I was getting them everyday.  My Dr. prescribed magnesium oxide 400mg 2x a day and I've only had one since then like 3 Wks ago.  It feels good not hurting!
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  • Knock on wood I haven't had one in a couple of weeks, but yes, I was getting them pretty regularly for over a month between first and second tri.  One headache/migraine lasted 2 whole days and Tylenol was NOT working.  I started going to the chiro more and applying magnesium lotion every day.  They seem to have subsided since then.  Hope you get some relief soon! 
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  • i've had them regularly for what seems like a few months now.  Just enough to be annoying and border on affecting how I work.  I'm going to add magnesium in and see if that helps
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  • Great advice from all of you, thanks so much ladies! Hoping for some relief asap! :) 
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