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Glasses wipes as cloth wipes?

Just wanted to troubleshoot this idea with experienced cloth diapering mommies: 
Do you think the wipes made for eyewear could work as cloth wipes? 

Here's why! 
1) I find cloth wipes so bulky!! Disposable wipes are super super thin, so do cloth wipes really need to be so thick? Eyewear wipes are much thinner than cloth, but still considerably thicker than disposables... 

2) Cloth wipes are pricey! And I know, you'll say they're not - just like $1 per wipe or so, and that doesn't sound like much. But $1 is a LOT of money considering you're really just getting a 8x8 piece of fabric for it... 100 eyewear wipes costs about $2 on ebay. 

3) Cloth wipes are ugly... Maybe that's just me, but they look kind of messy, especially after a few washes. They don't lay straight and always end up looking like fabric scraps...

4) Eyewear wipes are soft, come in larger sizes (if you feel the standard size is too small) and even if you do need to use more of them than you would with "normal" cloth wipes, if you have 100 of them do is not like you'll run out... 

So, do you think eyewear wipes could be used as cloth wipes? 

Really curious to hear your opinions on this! 

Re: Glasses wipes as cloth wipes?

  • I never really thought about using them, but we just use baby washcloths anyway. You can probably use them, and they’ll work just fine, I just wouldn’t waste the extra money on them personally. I also dislike the purchasable cloth wipes for those reasons, although I never could figure out why until you wrote it out like that :lol: 
  • I never considered it before, but I don't see why it couldn't work
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  • Cloth diaper wipes don't have to be expensive. I used a 12-pack of Walmart-brand wash cloths cut into fourths and then zigzagged the edges. Also, I know people who have used thin fleece cut into squares. 

    That said, I think they'd work fine. Make sure it's a reputable seller though. I'd be skeptical. It is eBay after all. I don't see how the seller could even buy enough fabric to make 100 glasses wipes for just $2. 
    ivyvines6[Deleted User]
  • This is an older post so probably not relevant anymore, but in case anyone else reads this, I thought of something else. I LOVE the thickness of cloth wipes. One of the worst things about disposable wipes is how thin and chintzy they are, in my opinion. On some brands, the poop soaks right through onto your hands. I can do with one cloth wipe, which is about 1/3 the size of a disposable wipe, what I do with two disposables.
    [Deleted User]
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