2nd Trimester

Ultrasound Gender Determination

At exactly 15 weeks I went to an ultrasound clinical for gender determination.  The baby was crossed at the ankles and looking away.  While the baby moved s/he never moved their legs.  Ultrasound tech determined girl but I’m not convinced.  I felt like she made this determination because we were paying to find out and she had to make a call on gender.  I feel like she said girl because she didn’t see boy parts but the baby’s positioning wasn’t great for gender determination. This is my third
pregnancy and while I’d be thrilled to have three girls I feel disapppinted for my husband.  He hasn’t express any disappointment but I know he would love to have a boy.  We have our anatomy scan in a few weeks. Do you think there’s any hope for a boy?

Re: Ultrasound Gender Determination

  • i think the word you are looking for is sex determination rather than gender. 15 werks is really early to tell in general. obviously if it wasnt clear yes there is a chance but prepare for a girl
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  • I wanted to share that with my first I was told girl at first also, then at 28 weeks we had a growth scan where baby was on full display and HE was all BOY!
    Its possible to go either way, we decided finding out the sex was for the birds, we like the suppose better... good luck!

    Started TTC in 2006, LOTS of trying, and trying, and 7 rounds of IVF with 13 embryos, 2 perfect little boys and 5 loses....
    All finished with babies, started to make diet changes, Keto, to be MORE for my kids, lost 30 pounds, still going, and 3 months in, I had a natural cycle, and then ovulated... Hubs and I are going to see what happens now... Maybe a natural pregnancy? After everything we have been through? Or just a return to normal hormones? We shall see what the future holds!

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