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Thankful Thursday 11.9

Since it's November, I thought we could share something we are thankful for; big or small.  Who doesn't love reading about warm fuzzy things? 

Re: Thankful Thursday 11.9

  • I'm thankful I have two dogs who will love and protect their sister. I feel my youngest will think the baby is his. 
  • I am thankful for many supporters: my DH, family, friends, and you gals!

    Also thankful that I still have some Halloween chocolate left. 
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  • I'm thankful for my parents/family that are amazing and will be good for my kids since my in-laws are not. 
  • I am thankful for my family especially DH.  They may be crazy but they are my crazy.

    Also thankful for Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia.  Just sayin I'm gonna pop open a pint after my GD test tomorrow.
  • I'm thankful for our protective dogs whose bark keeps people out of our driveway and yard at 4am. And I'm thankful that our family is safe. (Have no idea what was going on this morning but the Sheriff was walking our street with a rifle.)

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  • I'm thankful for my DD who can be such a hoot and so so loving! Also thankful for all you ladies being so supportive and trying to keep any and all of us in reality in regards to when any of us have a concern. 
  • @pandappanderson is everything alright? How’s your DH? I hope the results came back well. 
  • @SunflowerMama428 the CT scan came back clear which was a huge relief. We should have the results from the MRI hopefully by tomorrow. The issue is that is seems to have a build up of pressure on the optic nerve. And while he doesn’t have any symptoms, as a pilot he is not allowed to fly until they rule everything out. They believe that it can be fixed through a spinal tap and meds but they have to run all these other tests to make sure it’s not something more sinister like a tumour or clot. 
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  • @pandappanderson oh geez! Well at least they caught it early if sounds like. I’ll keep you guys in my prayers! 
  • How nerve wracking @pandappanderson.  I hope all comes back well! 
  • I am thankful for my DH.  I don't tell him nearly enough how important he is to me or how much I appreciate him.  He is an amazing father and does so much for our son.  I probably need to tell him this, because mostly I act annoyed with him bc I am moody AF.  
  • @magnolia305 all I do is complain to DH. I realized I need to stop or start putting out again or he might have a mental break down. God bless these men lmao
  • @pandappanderson I am hoping for the best for you and your husband!

    @sunflowermama428 I need to stop complaining to DH, too, and let him know how amazingly supportive he’s being.

    As much as I complain or make snarky comments, I am so thankful to be pregnant and healthy. It was a very long, very hard road to get to this point.
  • Well, I'm Canadian, so I was thankful last month! :wink:  

    I am thankful for DH and his cooking skills. I came home yesterday to salmon with hollandaise sauce, a kale and mushroom dish with goat cheese and nuts, balsamic-glazed carrots and buttery mashed potatoes. If it wasn't for this man, my poor baby would be surviving on microwave dinners and chocolate. 

  • I am thankful for a 3 day weekend that is kicking off with a moms night in with girlfriends (at someone else's house) and a family day trip tomorrow. :)
  • I'm thankful for the fraud department tied to my debit card. They called me this evening after two fraudulent purchases were made totaling $800 on my account. If they wouldn't have caught it so quickly, there would have been another $800 charge. Ugh... 

    Also thankful that the bank will refund my money in full.

    How do people do this? I still have my card, didn't give my info to anyone etc.. so frustrating :( 
  • @precious88 congrats on a good ultrasound! As someone who has a potentially inheritable genetic condition, I understand how stressful it is to think about passing that on. I’m glad that all looks well! Also, here’s to amazing husbands who bring Chick Fil A and allow us to stay home and pursue our dreams.

    I’m also grateful for my DH and how supportive he is of my desire to quit teaching and work as a freelance writer. Right now I’m making very very little money and as time has gone on I’ve taking on less paying assignments and focusing more on writing for me. I started working on a novel in 2015 during my graduate thesis project and I’ve recently begun looking at it with fresh eyes. Outlining, editing and hopefully producing a finished product to self publish before 2019. I wouldn’t have this opportunity if it wasn’t for him telling me that we didn’t need the money from my teaching job and to find something I truly loved... I’d probably still be miserable in my job. 

    Other people I’m thankful for today... my mom. She is taking DS for the weekend so that my husband and I can spend some much needed quality time together 
  • I am so thankful for my DH! He has been awesome with our DS lately!! And I am with you ladies about not complaining so much to him! 
    I am also so thankful for my family! They make living 30 hours away not as bad when they are always sending fun cards and drawings! And facetiming when they can!
  • I am thankful that I found one of the Nintendo classics new for $50 for my sister for Christmas.  Seems silly to have something materialistic be my thankful thing, but it's a budget Christmas and I still can't believe I found it for such a steal!  She is going to be so beyond thrilled!  
  • I am thankful my dh starts the fire in the morning and the teenagers keep it going in the afternoon so the house is warm and toasty when i get out of bed and when i come in out of the cold .
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