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Need help with middle name please

We've long sine decided on James as a first name, but we're still stuck on the middle name. Do we go with a family name? Do we go with something more modern or unique?

Here's the options that we've come up with, in no particular order:
James Ward
James Killian
James Patrick
James Buchanan

We're looking for a name that makes a good first impression. Basically if you saw his name on a resume or guest list and knew nothing else about him, what kind of person would you imagine him to be just based off his name?

We're still open to other options if you have any suggestions. Another thought would be to use 2 middle names, so James Patrick Ward for example, but would that be too much? Has anyone given their baby 2 middle names before or know of any downsides to doing that?

Re: Need help with middle name please

  • Anytime it’s asked it always seems to be majority to no double middle names. 

    I like James Patrick but if any of the others hold particular meaning I might give an edge. Just at glance with no details the others I don’t love

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    My fav is James Ward. Sounds strong. My least favorite is James Patrick. James is a great name, but I️ feel like if you go with a common name, pick a middle name that’s a little edgy/ less common (unless you are using family name) James Patrick is nice sounding but it just doesn’t stand out to me. I️ feel like there can be millions of James Patricks out there.  

    Also, I’m not a fan of the double middle name.
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  • Not a fan of double middle names. I like James Patrick best. I would avoid James Buchanan, since I’m a giant nerd and happen to know he was the 15th president of the United States. Unless you’re a big fan ;)
  • I like James Ward and James Patrick best.
  • Double middles are a pain.  I had multiple middle names and ended up having different ones listed on different government documents which causes problems.  Not worth the hassle, IMO.  

    I think that all of those choices you listed are good, although, unless you have a particular connection to President James Buchanan, I wouldn't use that combination.  

    My favorite is James Killian.
  • James Patrick is my favorite.  James Buchanan is a president but also has a stuck up vibe for me. 
  • James Patrick is my favorite. 
    My nephew is James Gregory which I think flows well.

    I dislike double middle names. There are never enough spaces on official applications (like for a passport for example), people often look and are unsure if there are two middles or two lasts... meh...
  • James Patrick has my vote! James Ward would be my second choice but for a suggestion I like better - James Warren.
  • My first thought was James Patrick, even before I saw your list. I will also add
    James Leon
    James Christopher
    James Philip
    James Marcus
    James Edison
    James Otto
    James Pius
    James Nicolas
  • James Patrick.
  • I like James Killian or James Ward
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