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Carson vs. Austin

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I was totally committed to Austin (a family name) up until recently.  Now my #2 pick, Carson, is making me wonder if I made the right choice. Samuel will be the middle name (also a family name).  We are 4 weeks out and I am starting to panic. Thoughts on the two?
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Carson vs. Austin 57 votes

Carson Samuel
29% 17 votes
Austin Samuel
70% 40 votes

Re: Carson vs. Austin

  • I like them equally, so I would go with the family name. 
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  • @mb0112 that's what I was thinking as well. Samuel Austin sounds better, but I voted for Austin Samuel.
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  • We LOVE the name Samuel, but there are about 5 Sam's in the immediate family so we decided to use it as a middle name. It's so classic:) 
    Momma to Amelia Marie (7/14) and Austin Samuel (11/17). Adding baby (girl) #3 on 7/21  <3
  • I honestly really like them both. Why not keep them both and when you meet your baby decide which fits best? You can't go wrong either way!
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  • Austin is more timeless and it’s a family name

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