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Monday Bitchfest - 10/30

Me: 34 DH: 38
Married: June 2011
TTC since Feb 2016
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Re: Monday Bitchfest - 10/30

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  • Ugh @heatherdubrow. I hope you are all the way better soon. 
  • My pumpkins are frozen. Who's bright idea was it to leave them outside until carving day...not mine. I swear...
  • I have a headache. That's all. 
  • @maelily15, that is terrible!!! She'd be the LAST person I'd tell when baby comes or any other announcements you have. That's just so uncool. 
  • @kalawa good for you on actually carving them though. for the first year EVER - I just said EFF it. I'm tired and just have zero desire to do it. they are just sitting outside ... uncarved.
  • @bb3vj3n ...haha two of the four pumpkins are uncarved. I carve them because my son helps me. Before him, I did not carve. This year I actually decorated. Only because my neighbour went all out, and I also got my son and his friend to do most of that as well.
  • @maelily15 what the actual effff?! It's not that hard, do not do the one thing you asked her to do. I just want to know what excuse she is going to come up with when you bring it up.... 
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  • @maelily15 That is someone with zero respect for boundaries. Unbelievable. That was a blatant power move. Now it's her turn to learn that information is a privilege. None for her until the rest of the world knows. And like someone else said, don't tell her when you're in labor or next thing you know she's going to have stomped all boundaries and inserted herself. 

    AFM, I spent two meals today with a guy who grew up in anothet country where I assume it's acceptable/expected to chew with your mouth open, smacking excessively. I deserve a major award for not yelling at him to shut up with his nasty mouth noises. And for being chill the rest of the day. The whole thing was kind of a shitshow. 
    Me: 34 DH: 38
    Married: June 2011
    TTC since Feb 2016
    BFP#1: 7/7/16 MMC: 8/16/16 
    BFP#2: 5/8/17 - CP
    BFP#3: 6/27/17 EDD: 3/10/18
  • @maelily15 ugh! That's a very justified MBF! How annoying. One of my friend's sisters posted about my friend's (very difficult to achieve) pregnancy on Facebook the day she told family, despite's friend's clearly stated wish that nothing be posted on social media about it period. You get family member's enthusiasm, but it has to still feel like a betrayal. (And I'll admit it wasn't my favorite way to get the news about a good friend)

     I'm sure your Halloween gender reveal post will still be just as adorable and just as happily received! <3

  • @gh515, I don't understand maternity jackets. I bought one used from a friend a few weeks ago. Wore it yesterday. There's nothing to expand it! There's no way it'll fit when I'm at my biggest in February! I'm so disappointed. Hoping I can wear it tied but not buttoned and that my pregnancy heat will make up for it. But how can something that doesn't expand be labelled as maternity??
  • That makes me ragey @maelily15. Something similar happened to me with my last pregnancy. I told my SIL (with whom I'm close) that we were having a girl and she apparently immediately told their cousin (to whom I barely speak) who then immediately posted it on FB, tagging me in the post, before I could tell more of my family. So my grandmother found out second hand via FB. I'm not one to make a big deal about announcements but I was furious because I could tell my grandmother was hurt by it. That day I changed FB settings so I have to approve any tags before it shows on my page. It doesn't stop mutual friends from seeing a post but it would have kept my situation from happening. This time I told my SIL that said cousin was not to know anything. 

    I'm sorry that happened. I know it's hurtful and just plain sucks. I hope you repay her by not telling her when you're in labor. 

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  • @gh515 i work for Gap Inc andthe old navy friends and family event is this weekend - 50% off entire store. you just need to show the email... if you are on the mailing list - you 100% will get a coupon
  • @maelily15 that is awful. I'm sorry she did that, I would be so pissed! Especially since you specifically told her not to put anything up.

    @vflux33 a similar thing happened with me. I saw a post from MH's cousin that his grandfather died, and I absolutely did not want him finding out how I did, so I had to call him at work and tell him. I felt awful that he found out the way that he did. I don't understand why running off to FB is the first thing on some people's mind in those situations.
  • @maelily15 I'd be so angry! I don't understand why people can't respect other people's requests. Especially when it's YOUR CHILD and your excitement to share. Not her's. ugh. 
    First time Momma praying for a safe and healthy arrival. 
  • @stlbuckeye132 That’s really cool of you to save someone else from going through that. I remember when that happened to me I was so confused because I had seen her the day before (was the last to, apparently). I don’t get it either. I don’t use FB anymore, but when I did I didn’t even comment on other people’s tragedies in FB. If it was someone I knew well, I called after seeing the post. I get why other people comment, not criticizing, but it just isn’t my way.
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  • @vflux33 @stlbuckeye132 within hours of MH’s grandfather passing away while he was at work overnight, my SIL posted about his death. So that’s how I found out. Great. I get it. I’m not “actual family” ((direct quote from my ILs on more than one occasion)) but it was a crappy way to find out. My ILs didn’t even attempt to call me. So I called my MIL to clarify that he had in fact passed, and she was like, well FIL left him a message to call when he gets this. Okay. He’s at work. Overnight. With a 3 hour time difference. He’s probably not going to call you back at 3 am your time but he may check Facebook, especially because you didn’t tell him it was an emergency or anything.  MH works in a secure building so I had to call his boss’s wife, who had to get ahold of her husband, who basically was searching for MH for over an hour because it was one of their busiest times a year and he was working in different rooms. And when I said something to my MIL about how inappropriate the post was, and maybe she could ask her daughter to take it down, at least until MH knew ((and by the way, who knew if all of his cousins knew yet or not)), her response? “I can’t control what ((name)) does.” Um. She’s your daughter. I can’t imagine posting that within hours of finding out ((you know because I’m not an AW and SIL is)), but I also can’t imag refusing to take something public down if my parents asked me. Yes I’m an adult, but I respect my family. 

    For reference, my grandfather passed two weeks ago while MH, DS and I were flying back from a visit. I didn’t post anything publicly on Facebook until the day of the funeral, and I only did that because I was so sorry to miss it. You know. So the family ((my mom, aunts and uncle)) had a chance to tell everyone. Including my cousin who is overseas in Afghanistan. 
  • @maelily15 totally sucks, I’m sorry. Something similar happened to me when my SIL announced my first’s birth before I could tell my family, hell I was still being stitched up and getting calls from my sister telling me how hurt she was. It caused such a huge issue that my sister and I didn’t talk for months. People really suck with the need to be the first with information. 
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  • @muggle621 I feel the same! My last pregnancy I didn't care, but now I really want to share that wine that everyone is drinking.

    @kelsajo I just got "over" a horrible respiratory infection, but it still won't fully go away. Still so stuffy and lots of drainage. It's so annoying.

    @maelily15 I would be so pissed! I am so sorry she did that to you!
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  • @bb3vj3n ahh, that's so good to know! Thank you so much! Yes, Gap/Old Navy gets me with their emails and in store cash every time. (; Grateful to order the Gap coat this weekend. <3
  • Apparently there's at least one a-hole in every family who feels it's their duty to share everyone's news on FB asap based on all these posts!
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  • @bb3vj3n Thanks!
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  • I hate being pregnant. Everything about it. Even feeling the baby move annoys me. Maybe a MBF, maybe an UO, maybe a confession. I dunno.
  • Thanks everybody for the support (it wouldn't let me tag everybody). We try to keep her included as much as possible because she is a huge help when she isn't a PITA. She took off two weeks when we had DD #1 and flew out to help, which really came in handy when both DD and I were re-admitted to different units at 5 day PP. But she can be kinda overbearing at times. Her other sons haven't started having kids yet and don't plan to anytime soon, so our children are her only grandkids for the foreseeable future. Before we even left the office she mentioned how she wanted us to use a family name for our new DD (we had already picked out the name for DD #1 and were pretty well set on it before she mentioned anything about a family name). Unfortunately, she'll probably end up being one of the first to know about this labor because she'll be keeping DD for us. But strict social media boundaries from now on---I really don't want to be trying to labor and have my phone blowing up with questions. I love social media for the purposes of keeping in touch with my family but I really do feel like people should learn about what is post-able. I still haven't talked to my sisters about it and I'm sure it's probably because they saw her announcement and were hurt that I didn't tell them myself (my family wasn't completely on board with us moving halfway across the country). While it's crappy that pretty much everyone has one of these social media horror stories, it's good to know we're not alone. :)
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